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    Heat at work

    1) The direction of the atoms are completely random according to the Kinetic Molecular Theory. 2) Only the atoms move, the protons and neutrons are fixed in the atom as being the nucleus with electrons "rotating" around the nucleus. If the atoms move fast enough, some atoms will get ionized...
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    Beyond the 5th state of matter?

    if thats the case, then there can be several states matter. For instance, 4th state is matter, plasma, it just an atom completly ionized. Then couldnt you say, the 5th state of matter is free floating protons and neutrons. I know neutrons arent stable outside the nucleus. What i said is simply a...
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    Sound and light

    Hello everyone. Intrestting question. From what i know, sound isnt the bumping of air molecules, because air molecules are randomly colliding with each other as we speak, according to the kinetic molecular theory. Sound is areas of high and low pressure of air molecules, which is basicly the...
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    Isotope Information

    Are u trying to find the different properties of isotopes of alike elements??
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    Energy and matter

    I have a question, if u completely converted a piece of matter into energy, would ALL the energy be in the form of a high frequency electromagnetic wave, for instance gamma rays ?
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    Is there photographic proof of the atom's existence?

    But is there an actual optical image of an atom, with the nucleus and electrons
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    Liquid wood?

    lol, tell us how it turns out when u do it. :D