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    On the general curvature of space.

    We all know that the universe is flat, because of basic reasons. For example, parallel lines dont intersect, the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degerees, ect. If we lived in a curved universe, none of this would be true.
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    On the general curvature of space.

    I'm not sure I understand your question. People think (actually they know) that c= 3.00 x 10^8 m/s.
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    Stargazing Any telescope experts?

    Nautica, your son a great kid for wanting to get involved in astronomy. Reminds of my myself when I just started liking astronomy around the age of 11. Im 17 now and still like it, I hope to become an astronomer some day. So if he likes it, keep him in that direction, its a great field.
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    What is a Singularity?

    The singularity is very hypothetical. Honestly, i dont think we will ever know if it exists and any of its properties. Since nothing, not even electromagnetic radiation can escape from the singularity...we will not know anything about it. The only thing we can do is hypothesize about what is it...
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    Why do neutron stars have magnetic fields

    So, then wouldnt air currents for example, cause magnitism? Since the molecules are made up of atoms, which have quarks.
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    Why does light travel at light speed?

    urtalkinstupid, I dont understand why u are trying to say that light speed isnt constant. It has been proven experimentally sereral times. For example, light coming from stars has been measured from different parts of the world, and every time the speed of light ended up being the same exact...
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    Pondering Question

    If i had to gamble i would say the implosion. I have a lot of reasons but they're very fussy, so i dont know if im right.
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    Pondering Question

    Well, thats a good question. Lets think about when each happens. An implosion happens when the core can no longer continue fusing nuclei. While an explosion happens when a nearby star or blackhole draw in the gas from the surface of a red giant, which causes an imbalance. The higher pressure...
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    Stargazing Astronomy events schedule

    haha recon, ur a true dork, i recpect that. :P I would have wanted to do that too, but i forgot completely about the transit of venus, i was so f**kin pissed. I forgot cause i was studying for damn exams that day, hehe.
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    Black Hole Radiation

    What u say about the electrons being accelerated using a cathode ray tube is correct. BUT i really do not think that anything happens to the electron itself, because when the electron hits the tungsten, the electron transfers its kinetic energy to it, and im assuming therefore causing the...
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    Density of black holes?

    yep...true true
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    Density of black holes?

    heh, but im having a hard time conprehending how something with a volume can be crushed into no volume.
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    Density of black holes?

    To make it quick and easy, black holes definitly have finite mass. Before the black hole is formed it is a super massive star...which has finite mass and therefore finite density. So when it collapses, according to common sense it must still have finite density, but its just like jcsd said...
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    Black Hole Radiation

    Mathman is right but this doesnt apply to the question, he explains only about how radiation (in the form of photons) is emitted from particles that are given high energy. When particles are given high energy the electrons go to an excited state, when they go back to the ground state, the...