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    Are social Sciences useful?

    Both political science and sociology could be fundamental research if you want them to be so. They would be mere verbiage though, if the "problem building" is mediocre at first. Nothing really deep in humanities and social science could come from a problem solving agenda : this is what a...
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    Are social Sciences useful?

    The worst thing I ever saw in my intelectual journey was a bunch of engineers, physicists and medical practitioners trying to think about society, humanities and art... A really awfull spectacle... Life, I mean "we", are not a technology...
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    Sexism in society

    I'm a sexist : I believe in the superiority of women in every aspect of human life... They would be godlike creatures if they weren't biologically programmed to make babies... I'm a sort of heretic believer though... Qui aime bien, châtie bien...
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    Time magazine spreads the horse manure

    I'm not sure if we, as a species, really know what we're doing around here (l mean the universe), in a manner that allows us to make sensible or intelligent "propositions" about ourselves. Can we stop funding the noise and the gesticulations we make only by being alive ? Hum... Cosmology is a...
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    News Egypt's Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society

    Your vision of these societies is ridiculous and full of clichés. You will continue trying to patronize people and they will keep not caring about your opinion and "values". This tendency to make big empty sentences and discourses on things obviously beyond the speaking subject is the mark of...
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    News Egypt's Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society

    Evo, you just don't know what you are talking about if your main source of information is média.Things are à lot more complicated than you seem to think.
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    News Egypt's Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society

    It seems pretty clear that the whole debate is structured by a binary view of things : our liberty and equality against their alienation and hierarchy. Some posters try not to be judgemental but they think within this framework and they fail. Long ago I stopped judging people and their ways of...
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    News Egypt's Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society

    I am not talking about the OP but what followed it. I hâte this retarded morons of islamists. What is unacceptable is to judge whole cultures and societies.
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    News Egypt's Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society

    The one thing that westerners need to learn is to shut up when they obviously don't get what is going on. I have no sympathy for islamists and I fought them almost all my life but you have to know that most of what you are saying about the arab world and the muslim cultures is gross...
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    The Many-Worlds Interpretation of QM

    If physicists were more interested in philosophy, they would know that the diversity of interpretations is unsolvable and that there's no point to choose one of them over the others. My "personal view" (and I say this with a bit of detachment and irony) : if you could make a different choice...
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    Why Stephen Hawking says universe can create itself from nothing?

    Maybe what we call time (the flow of change from past to future states) is simply an equivalent to a quantum fluctuation of space: the degrees of freedom in which one single moment occur. Ok, I'm speculating.
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    Why Stephen Hawking says universe can create itself from nothing?

    If you don't buy the "universe from nothing" hypothesis you'll be stuck with some sort of eternal or infinite physical structure that has no beginnings and no endings to trigger the epiphany of our universe or many other ones... The two contradictory hypotheses (although it's not obvious that...
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    Tired of having your Ideals Challenged?

    It's actually what I've said... Once you become an "analytical thinker", you realize that it is all phrases and words, "authority" and "rebellion" alike... You don't have to buy them anymore, just look at them with irony and detachement... Listen, yes, but don't believe...
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    Tired of having your Ideals Challenged?

    Look buddy : there's only two intelligent ways to deal with "authority" and "power" : exert it as wisely as you could or get away from it as far as you can (true geniuses can do both at the same time). Those who want to "challenge", to "obey" or to share power are generally those you have to...
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    News Would a more meritocratic system be more beneficial than contemporary republics?

    The democratic bias tend to stress on who is voting in the political organizations called democratic governments and societies : nowadays, informed analysts, and almost every intelligent person, know that the democratic ideals are mere theory or simply flawed. "Peoples" are not the main...
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    Best Songs Ever

    In this times of pure madness... Quatuor pour la fin du temps... To the limits, really...
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    News Sick freak kills first-graders

    Such an event has no meaning, no cause and no purpose. I come from a country that went from a quite stable polity to what is often called a "civil war" in a blink of an eye. We weren't that violent before nor after it. The language of causality is completely irrelevent in understanding human...
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    Best Songs Ever

    A beautiful blues from the desert sands...
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    Best Songs Ever

    That's what gnawa is all about. The full effect cannot be reached before several hours of playing or listening and the guidance of a master. Some jazz musicians, like Randy Weston, got interested in it for the same reasons you mentionned and made very good stuff of it. Thank you for sharing.
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    What the ____ is that?

    This thread could be a lot more interesting to an archeologist from the future than the object itself... A civilisation sinking in an ocean of useless stuff looking nonetheless for some meaning and purpose to what it did not so long ago... :yuck:
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    PF Mascot

    This guy here...
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    Best Songs Ever

    Moustique Moustique ah tu es un salaud...
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    Do women really look at a man's shoes?

    L'enfer, c'est les autres... The others are hell. Being capable of suspending it's own judgment is the most important skill a decent man should develop. Although they are a far more superior kind of beings, don't ask women's to do that : they have to find a partner in order to breed. But shoes ...
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    Our must read books

    Here is some of mine... I wish you'll give me yours. Novels : William Faulkner - Sanctuary Robert Musil - The man without qualities Ernesto Sabato - Abaddon Louis Ferdinand Céline - Le voyage au bout de la nuit F. S. Fitzgerald - Tender is the night Philosophy : Baruch Spinoza - Ethics...
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    Apocalypse not

    Apocalypse is deeply rooted in the monotheist trail of cultures... Literally, it means revelation. While it is prophetism about the destiny of the community that prevailed in judaism, there's some sort of emphasis on the end of the world as a whole in the christian path : early christians...
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    Best Songs Ever

    A song for bad people...
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    Language fails that make you angry

    Je parle anglais comme une vache espagnole... I talk english like a spanish cow, would say the french... If you ever meet my posts and you find my wording and my grammatical structures wrong or wierd, this is normal... I learned it trying to decipher Frank Zappa lyrics and I'm still learning...
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    Your last month on earth

    I would do what every sensible man should do : try to survive... I don't know : try to bribe god, call Batman for help, even a voodoo ceremony... Yeah, a voodoo ceremony...
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    Wanna Be A Loser?

    I'm under close medical suveillance since I have several chronic autoimmune diseases (that's partly why I got so obese). I Know extreme fatigue very well : that's how I felt almost continuously for years before they found the right mix of drugs for me. My doctor often says that I'm a medical...
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    Wanna Be A Loser?

    I don't know. It's a stressing factor and I chose since the beginning not to check my weight or my waist more than one time every three or four months. When I started the whole operation my pants size was 62 and now it's 42 (european standards), though. Surgery could remove what's left of body...