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    I Silly question on the relativity of simultaneity

    Something that I consider very silly, yet I try to solve relates to the relativity of simultaneity. According to SR , two evevnts taking place in different positions along the line of relative motion of two inertial observers are not simultaneous in both frames. Now, I wanted to see how this...
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    Certificate in creating virtual labs?

    Hello, I want to learn how to create virtual labs (html5, java and on) for physics education purposes. I could work on my own, but I am more interested in getting a solid background from experts. Is there any online course in which I could enroll? Thank you
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    Other PhD advice

    Hello. I am a Physicist with MSc in Experimental Particle Physics and for the last 3 years I work in the field of Science Education as a teacher trainer, and developer of inquiry based, ICT enhanced educational content in the field of Physics for K12 students in the RnD department of a school in...
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    Sound Loudness vs Pitch Misconception

    Hello everybody. I am involved in a project aiming to address Physics Misconceptions regarding Sound through the creation of virtual musical instruments. One of the major student misconceptions I have found in bibliography is the fact that students perceive sound pitch and loudness as being the...
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    High energy neutrino telescopes

    Hello, I am opening this thread so as to discuss if possible what you believe is the science case of building a neutrino telescope. Being a fanatic in the field , I would like to hear opinions from whoever wants to say about whether it is important to build such a detector and why. Thank you!
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    Cherenkov radiation in vacuum

    Hello! The question refers to the supposed tachyons. Many experiments have been conducted based on cosmic ray studies with the following assumption: " If particles with u>c exist then they should emit Cherenkov radiation in vacuum. Thus... Let's detect it!" How can this argument stand...
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    Index of refraction vs frequency

    Hello! I have a question concerning the relation of the index of refraction of a material with E/M wave frequency. If we take the classical Feynmann approach, we can envision the material as a series of atoms, with electrons bound with springs to the nuclei. Let the natural frequencies of...