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    Deja vu and dream memories

    You have had deja-vu? I think deja vu expercieces are "raw" dream memories that are trying to surface in the intellect. If you think of it in terms of computers. "Raw" dream memories, residing in the aether, sublte mind, are in a "5th dimensional format," because the aural facilities of the mind...
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    Plant sentience

    No one hears this. They go on and on about evolution, oblivious to the fact that evolutionary theory does not deal with consciousness one way or another. If the conclusion is that plants can be fully explained in evolutionary terms and therfore are mere "automations," then why does that...
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    Spiritual integrity (why I rejected religion)

    One of the thoughts that my mind keeps generating is "Poetry is the music of ideas and music is the poetry of emotions." I do not appreciate Poetry being reduced to or called "mental speculation." "Spitituality is the music of the soul expressed through the poetry of living" Spirituality...
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    The dream is not illusion

    hi I never thought of illusion. I don't believe in it. Everyhting is "real," but in a way that does not imply that some things are illusion. Reality exists at different levels. Birth and death may be considered two sides of the came coin, but what really unties the knot of fear is realizing...
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    Reciprocation between the self and the unself

    It is the reciprocation between the self and the unself. The self is the individual sense of being a complete individual even in the absence of everything else perceived. The unself is the reservoir of beingness from which the self origionates- it is like the sunlight from which plants grow-...
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    Infinitessimal time

    My title is an oxymoron. Anyway, I don't know anything about physics really but I would like to have a question discussed. the answers will help me develop an idea I have for a science fiction story. This is my interpretation of time. It is niether fully the property of the "space-time"...