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    I Maximally entangled two-qubit Bell states

    Hello, In the four maximally entangled two-qubit Bell states, what is the difference between the first and the second states, similarly, the difference between the third and the fourth states. What the different in signs mean( +,-)...
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    I Randomised phase of laser

    Hi, What does it mean when we say that the in the case of absence of a phase reference, the laser would produce a Poissonian mixture of number states?.. I got confused actually between the meaning of the phase in classical sense and quantum in this regard. Regards
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    I Projective measurement and correlations: examples

    Hello, Can anybody help me to understand the solved example as attached here. How can I follow that using dirac, bra notations. Regards
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    Phase of coherent states and single photons

    Hello I am confused and I cant figure out what is meant by phase when it comes to quantum mechanics for single photons and coherent states as I am a new to this field. Best regards
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    Qubits: complex scalers

    Hi, Does anybody know why we have complex scalers to represent qubits..I mean why they are not real numbers. Thanks
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    Orbital Angular Momentum

    Hi, I need any good books or articles about the mathematical analysis and modelling of orbital angular momentum Regards
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    White LED

    Hi there, how one can compute the spectral power distribution of white LED ,i,e like black body radiator that has a formula of calculation.. regards
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    Reflection coefficient calculation

    Hi there, I am wondering how to calculate the reflection coefficient of walls upon incident light versus wavelengths,, thanks