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    Physics Non-academic career options for the theroetical physicist

    I am fascinated by the original post in this thread, and will keep it as a reference to add to my "just in case" career development file. Great summary!
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    Finishing on time vs. grades.

    I went the "get the degree done" route instead of the "retake a class or two and boost your GPA" route. I regret that...would have been better off taking an extra semester or year as an undergrad to boost that GPA. Sad truth is that the undergrad GPA still comes up even ten+ years out of...
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    Physics High-Paying jobs accepting physics BAs?

    Well, while it's not a "high" paying position, if you entered an alternative certification program and began teaching high school physics with just a bachelor's, you're probably looking at a $32k-$42k/year salary depending on geographic location and local school politics.
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    Physics Physics a worthless degree?

    Depending on the state you are in (if you are in the U.S.), you may or may not even be permitted to take the F.E. exam without an engineering degree from an ABET accredited program.
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    Physics Do Physics bachelors choose non-physics jobs or is this sometimes the only choice?

    Teaching is one of the options available to you if you don't want to push on through the Ph.D.. If you love teaching, you certainly do feel 'fortunate' to be in that career. That's what I did...aside from discovering in grad school that I really loved teaching, two of the big reasons I chose...
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    Velocity/Displacement Time Graph

    Perhaps you could state a definition for acceleration, and work from there.
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    Math Possible switching from EE to Math Ed.

    Have you had a chance to work on any projects as an EE major yet? Perhaps you are stuck in the drudgery of the first year. Now would be a good time to talk with your advisor and see if you can explore the career a bit more as a student. Regarding education, if it is in the U.S., you will...
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    Doing poorly on my first Physics Test

    One of the worst destroyers of physics students is the attitude that "if I need help then I'm just not good enough." Everybody wants to be great at it without trying, and everybody hates the people who appear to be able to do just that. Behind the scenes, they study too--and often are ready...
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    Physics Stuck with a B.S Physics and no job

    I think that calculation makes too many assumptions. You assume that the top 50% of graduating bachelor's physicists take the GRE. You assume that the top 50% of those who take it go on to graduate school.
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    PF really can help you become a physicist

    I do wish something like this had existed...or, if it did, that I had known about it...when I was an undergrad. There was too much noise on newsgroups, and the specialist newsgroups were too high level for an early undergrad. A forum like this would very likely have helped me to find...
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    Suggest topics for a 1-sem HS Astronomy course

    Hello, I am planning to offer a one-semester elective course in astronomy at my school, and I am looking for suggestions and ideas about what to include in the curriculum. I do not have many examples to pull from around here--the rural schools don't often teach it. We're going to have to...
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    Ideas for a High School Math Club

    If you do any sort of competitions (in your school), and especially if you invite other to Wolfram, Mathworks, Maplesoft, etc. about giving away a prize. Just try to get one that allows the person who wins to actually use it! (I once received a student edition of Mathematica as...
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    Graduating with a BA in physics, options?

    Do not let a "BS" requirement stop you from applying. They usually mean "bachelor's degree", and either a BA or BS is valid. Nobody seems to understand the liberal arts bachelor's in physics. I had one less physics class and one less math class (than a BS), but added a significant minor...
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    Physics Military Physics? Any Advice?

    What about Navy? The Navy Nuke program would seem to fit your desires extremely well.
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    An independent Physics study, group for all levels

    Tagging this for future reference...I like the idea.
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    Courses Life course of physicists

    Yes. It was 30+thesis or 32+research project at my school.
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    Physics Textbooks and Learning Materials- Help

    For what level? College level texts...Halliday and Resnick is very respected, though I have regrettably not picked up a copy. I really liked Serway (now Serway and Jewett) for my calculus-based intro physics series. Quantum, I have heard that the book by Griffiths is good at the same level...
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    Using a puley for analysis on an air track?

    What data logger are you using? What specific data do you want to record--pos. vs. time for one cart, for each cart, seperation between the carts vs. time...?
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    Physics How hot of an area of research is particle physics?

    since I don't plan on having much of a life outside of physics Why?
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    Schools Bad grades in college (yes happens to everyone but i got hit BAD)

    You should go get screened for depression. A lot of things can come crashing down on you in early college, some of them in your control and others not so much in your control. If your neurochemistry is betraying you, you will find it very difficult to pick yourself back up. Even if you aren't...
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    Programs Physics major?

    Please ask the AIP if those statistics are for people who have a Bachelor's in physics and ONLY a bachelor's in physics. I've asked. They've never been able to give me an answer. Maybe you will have better luck.
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    Say it ain't so!

    Are you 100% sure that " long as (you) have physics (you) will be happy..."? Dating, marriage, children, financial success, time with family, travel, non-physics learning--none of that will matter? And if they don't matter to you now--are you sure they won't matter to you in eight to...
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    Preparing for a physics class

    Interesting...we took calc in parallel with our physics courses. Well, calc was a step ahead, we had calc 1 first semester freshman year, then calc 2 and physics 1 in the second semester... I'm not sure whether I would have done better, or worse, if I had taken the calculus sequence in its...
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    Teacher good job?

    Even if you start out as a bachelor's level teacher, you will probably be encouraged or required to earn a master's. At that point, you can choose--one of the education master's degrees, or a subject-area master's, or some combination of both (e.g., "physics education"). I was glad I had my...
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    Teacher good job?

    It was remarkably hard to get information on how to become a teacher. ESPECIALLY from the college with the primary teacher ed department in the state--and that's where I earned my degrees from in the first place! They actually gave me mis-information that almost convinced me to give up--but...
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    Teacher good job?

    With NCLB calling for "highly qualified" teachers, there is a push for teachers to have degrees in their area(s) of licensure. I am glad I went through the alternative route after getting bachelor's and master's degrees in physics. General educational theory is nice, but subject-specific...
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    Teacher good job?

    Actually, yes, and I know this is the reason. What worries me is that I can come up with scenarios where the district can make do with three science teachers (by eliminating options and electives). So I'm hoping they decide not to do that, and decide to re-hire me before I find another job.
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    The economy and jobs

    When school districts are laying off 40% of the certified teachers because their budgets are slashed, then things are as bad as the mass-media depicts. I'm a physics teacher and I'm losing my job along with a few dozen other teachers in my district. When I started three years ago, people...
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    Teacher good job?

    I thought teaching physics would be relatively insulated from the ups and downs of the economy, but all of us in my district without tenure have been told that we will be non-renewed (laid off) at the end of this year.
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    Do you know a good site to find jobs as teacher for high schools/colleges?

    The US also has community colleges, generally two-year institutions that offer associate's degrees (and often many professional and trade certification). Requirements vary state by state for the community colleges, but my state and those around me do not require a state teaching license.