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    I Is a binary distillation column limited by Carnot?

    Hi Physics Forums, I'm wondering if a distillation column is limited by the carnot efficiency and, if so, how this limitation can be used to determine the maximum efficiency of a distillation column with particular hot and cold side temperatures. A distillation column has a hot and cold side...
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    Acetone in water influence its enthalpy of vaporization

    Hi Everyone, I'm currently developing a waste heat recovery device as a side project. The system I've created uses a solution of acetone and water. One step in the process involves vaporizing acetone from the water at a low grade heat temperature (note: acetone does not form an azeotrope with...
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    Can a vortex tube be reversed?

    If atmospheric pressure hot and cold air are sent into the opposing sides of a vortex tube (the ports normally used for gas outlet), will compressed air be generated/released from the hole/port normally used for gas input? The reverse of the system above (cold and hot air enter from opposing...
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    How would you convert visible light to infrared or microwave

    Is it possible to convert light in the visible spectrum to infrared or microwave light. What processes would be used to do this? Thanks, EJ
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    Will Ca(HCO3)2(aq) + 2NH3(aq) react?

    Hi, I'm wondering if an aqueous solution of Calcium Bicarbonate and Ammonia would react to form Ammonium Bicarbonate and Calcium Hydroxide. Additionally, would Calcium Carbonate react with Ammonia in solution to form Ammonium Carbonate? Best, EJ
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    Can Ammonium Bicarbonate 'salt out' ethanol alcohol?

    I'm testing Ammonium Bicarbonate in a fermentation process. Is it possible for Ammonium Bicarbonate to 'salt out' Ethanol? Compounds such as Sodium Carbonate and Ammonium Sulfate are able to salt out ethanol.
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    Solubility of Ammonia gas in Dimethyl Sulfoxide

    Hi Everyone, I'm writing a research plan for a college lab and I need the solubility of Ammonium Gas in Dimethyl Sulfoxide at STP and RTP. I've been searching internet and I haven't found anything. Please let me know the solubility or where I can find this information. Any help is greatly...
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    If Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide Gas are present, will (NH4)HCO3 form in any Polar Solvent?

    I know aqueous Ammonium Bicarbonate forms when NH4+ and HCO3- ions are present in water after they've dissolved from their gaseous states of NH3(g) and CO2(g). This occurs in the reaction: NH3(g) + H2O(l) + CO2(g) => (NH4)HCO3(aq) If Ammonia gas and CO2 are present above a polar organic...
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    Solubility in Relation to Partial Pressure vs. System Pressure

    Hi Physics Forums, The solubility of a gas according to Henry's Law depends on partial pressure. Would an increase in pressure in a system increase the solubility of a specific gas, even if the partial pressure of that particular gas doesn't change? The system described above increases in...
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    How does superheating affect solubility?

    During my summer chemistry course yesterday, I asked my teacher this question and she said she didn't know.
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    Does agitation make gases dissolve faster?

    Why is CO2 released when soda is shaked, and dissolves again when the soda is stable? My teacher in class today said that soluble gases will dissolve faster in the presence of agitation. In practice (e.g. shaking a bottle of soda), this seems to not be the case. Please explain Thank You, EJ
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    Diffusion of ions through different temperature bodies of water

    Background: I'm currently doing a research project on diffusion. I've been thinking about how soluble gases can dissolve at higher concentrations in a colder liquid than a hot liquid. Question: If there are two connected containers, one with hot water and the other with cold water, and the cold...