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    A Vacuum pair creations on the light-cone

    When a field is quantized on the light front, there is no possible pair creation from the vacuum energy. This is because kinematic operator P^+ generates only a positive spectrum ( ). So there is no "particles popping out...
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    A Gluon spin and quark confinement

    Gluons are spin 1 particles so the Strong Force can both attract and repulse. The constituent partons of a meson are a quark and an antiquark so they must carry a given color and its anticolor, respectively, in order that there is no net color carried by the parton. In that case, the force...
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    A What is the meaning of chiral-odd/chiral-even functions

    I read about quark distribution functions in the nucleon that are chiral-odd or chiral-even functions (Sivers function, Boer-Mulders function and other distribution function related to nucleon transversity). What is the definition of chirality for functions? Does this mean they are odd or even...