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    Emulators on lower powered spartphones - PSX4droid

    Hey all, I have quite a low end smartphone - a Samsung GT-i5500 running android OS. For the cost in the Uk £40+£15 topup required, this phone is great value for money. I am currently running Gameboid, GBCoid emulators and am considering psx4droid, while I know this has been withdrawn I do...
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    Singularity and our reality

    This is not a question - more a topic of discussion; as I am not expecting definitive answers. At the center of black holes we stipulate singularities, now I understand that mathematically a singularity does not make sense; infinite density and zero spacial volume being irreconcilable and an...
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    Information on first planets formed in the universe

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of a timescale for first planets in the Universe? I understand that supernovae are required for heavy elements for rocky planets such as mars or earth, but was wondering if this same requirements would hold for gas giants? Just trying to establish the most...
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    LQC beginners question

    In LQC, the bounce can avoid the singularity by applying plancke scale quantum gravitational effects to effectively cause a "bounce" - this simultaneously avoids the classical singularity while transitioning into classical GR once certain scales are reached. Essentially singularity of BB can be...
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    Matter dominance

    Are there any explanations for the abundance of matter during the M/AM annhialation phase? If the Universe is spatially flat and infinite, then would it have mattered how much Antimatter there was as by definition a flat and spatially infinite U has infinite matter and energy. Is there...
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    Antimatter Universe

    Hello, Just having a few thoughts and wondered if anyone can answer: Would an antimatter Universe be expected to follow the same physical laws as our own matter Universe, in a nutshell: inflation, then expansion and unltimately ending in a heat death? Thanks
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    Black Holes and grvity

    From reading various articles my understanding is that BH are gravitationally extreme - although from a distance they are gravitationally the same as any other object it is inside the Schwarzchild Radius EH where BH's differ from other large masses. The "singularity" is the point at which...
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    Heat Death

    I have read that some cosmological models predict a heat death of the universe. Eventually all matter (beggining with superclusters, clusters, then galaxies, then stars) will lose all energy and seperate (due to expansion which will eventually occur even on a galactically local level) so that...
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    What is antimatter?

    After reading some basic texts and reading on this forum I understand the early universe had a phase which was dominated by matter/anti matter particle annihilation - this left a surplus of matter - which is the U we know today. What are the main physical differences between...
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    Is a flat topology logical?

    Am i right in saying that consenses amongst the cosmological community is that the curvature of space is 0? So it is flat euclidean geometric space (I hope I am using correct terminology) which is neither +/- in curvature but exactly 0? Am I also right in saying that flat cosmological models...
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    Would an object appear frozen while crossing into the threshold

    Just as a note I am new to these forums and this is my first post after reading for a little while, I have no technical expertise and am a complete layman. So any advice on posting is welcome. From reading threads on these forums discussing properties of black holes and event horizons as I...