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    Trigonometric formulas for tangent?

    the -------------- and what's under that belongs on the right side of the equation
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    Trigonometric formulas for tangent?

    using those formulas, how would you solve tan 11 pi ----- 8 and cot 195 also, how would you prove tan (x +y ) = tan x and tan ( pi/4 -x) = 1 - tan x --------- 1 + tan x thank you so much for any help
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    Einstein's riddle

    took me about 20 min. most the time I put something in the wrong houses.
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    Weird pattern on car

    I think it is more along the lines of a kid doing it a motercycle as tribdog said or a vine that was attached to the car and when the minivan moved the marks were made.
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    What happens to atoms?

    Where do atoms go after they have been destroyed for use of the atom bomb, or anything else that destroys atoms. Does the things that make up an atom disaper or form another atom. thanks, quantumgenius