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    Suggest topics for a 1-sem HS Astronomy course

    Hello, I am planning to offer a one-semester elective course in astronomy at my school, and I am looking for suggestions and ideas about what to include in the curriculum. I do not have many examples to pull from around here--the rural schools don't often teach it. We're going to have to...
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    Teaching to non-college-bound class

    I am really struggling with what to do with this class. It is a general "science" class, meant to be the third science credit for students who are not very science-minded; as such, it does not count toward the admissions standards of the state universities around here--it is a...
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    Physics Education?

    Considering how much the field of physics education is growing, I am surprised that it is not included as a topical forum here. A search did not return anything pertinent on the topic. Has this been discussed before? Jim D.