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    What exactly is an adjoint flux?

    I've been reading a bit about hybrid methods, and I keep coming across adjoint fluxes. What exactly is an adjoint flux? And how does it factor in to calculations? Thanks, Uranium
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    Core Design Codes

    I have a few questions regarding codes typically used in core design: 1) Which codes need to be coupled with a TH module and which do not? From what I have gathered, steady state codes can be coupled with a code like RELAP to model transients. 2) Are independent codes that are coupled to...
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    Minimum Volume of a Hom., Bare Cylindrical Reactor

    Just trying to do a problem to find the minimum volume for a homogeneous, bare cylindrical reactor, and my main question is if the radial and axial bucklings are equal to one another at min. V or if there is some other condition that would be helpful. Thanks.
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    Photon Tracking Code

    Hello all, I'm working on coding a program that tracks photons based on Compton Scattering. However, I'm having an issue on how to deal with photons with multiple scatters. So, phi (polar) and theta (azimuthal) range from 0-pi/2 and 0-2pi, respectively, based on a random number generator...
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    Torn In All Directions Any Advice?

    Hey, So for weeks now, I've been trying to put together a career plan of sorts, and I'm just seeing a lot of options without a clearly best choice. Maybe someone wiser than I can help me out. I'm a rising senior in nuclear (and radiological) engineering, but I don't know whether I should...
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    Health Physics Programs and Career

    Hey, I currently a rising senior in nuclear engineering at Georgia Tech, but I've recently been thinking about going more into a career in health physics. What are some good programs in health physics? Would grad school in nuclear be a better option than getting an HP degree? Any thoughts...
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    Testing GRE Physics Prep for non-physicist

    Hello again, I'm planning on apply to a few medical physics programs in the fall, most of which do not require the physics GRE subject test. However, one does, and I really want to apply there. My thoughts? It wouldn't hurt to learn some more physics. I am a nuclear engineering major, so...
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    Physics Medical Physics education length

    Roughly how long does it take to become a medical physicist? I'm currently a third-year nuclear engineering student looking at medical physics, and I'm realizing it's a much different setup than in engineering. Is a residency required? I mean a masters would take like 1.5-2 years, which is...