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    The Wave Zone Definition

    :-D Cheers! I think we figured it out, we think it just means something really far away....
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    The Wave Zone Definition

    The "Wave Zone" Definition Hello! We are trying to figure out exactly what the "Wave Zone" is when considering potentials. We know that a moving charge will generate a "disturbance" in the surrounding fields, which propagates outwards at light speed. This means that for great distances...
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    Converting units for Mass Estimates of Astronomical bodies

    Hello! I'm new so I hope I've posted in the right place One quickie please, if anyone can help me :-) I hope to get my mass estimates in units of h70-1 x 10{blah} Msun However! I have found some values in units of just x10{blah} Msun (*) Where they have used h50 in their calculations...