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  1. Digitalism

    Science Fantasy vs Science

    I love me some good science fantasy. Putting an entire planet to the Inquisitorial flame because it has been infested with Orks in the name of the Emperor = my idea of fun.
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    Seems weird: Most threads are questions, not discussions...

    Fair enough. On that we can agree. Re: level of complexity in discussion. I think those discussions can be had on this forum even with each person not being specifically versed in the sub-field. Think of it like interdisciplinary interaction between highly intelligent and talented people...
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    Seems weird: Most threads are questions, not discussions...

    Well, first of all I would like to apologize to the person I chastised a bit too harshly. Physics has a lot of beauty within it however and it is FUN to talk about. That is what captures my attention. The question-answer format works for what many people are seeking here, namely help for...
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    Seems weird: Most threads are questions, not discussions...

    That's the problem right there, the implicit connection between a back and forth conversation and "fringe science"/speculation. Bad dog! *lightly smacks you on the nose* The reasons the rules are in place are because of the proliferation of quantum woo among other things over the last few...
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    Seems weird: Most threads are questions, not discussions...

    Yeah, that is part of what makes this forum so boring. There is no back and forth or controversy that is stimulating and thought provoking. I enjoy learning through dialectical interaction. I think often you can gain insight from how two people interact into the motivational reasoning behind...
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    Problems with Capitalism?

    You obviously did not read or look at the references I provided, so do you think providing more will help? The argument goes like this poverty affects cognitive development in multiple ways. It increases stressors, it affects grey matter formation and ability to self regulate emotion, it...
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    Problems with Capitalism?

    You are incorrect. At the very least they show an implicit relationship between intergenerational mobility and education, though I don't think that is the only cause.
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    Problems with Capitalism? [Broken]
  9. Digitalism

    Physics news

    Okay, I will take a look at the rules. Does this include stuff from arxiv or does it actually have to be published? edit: nevermind I found it under the rules.
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    Physics news

    Sorry, I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this question, but where in this forum can we start threads to share and discuss random physics and math news?
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    Your Local Cuisine

    Also, I am not sure if this is something native to Los Angeles or not, but two things come to mind. 1. Spicy Ketchup Take ketchup and blend it with chinese red peppers. I am not sure how it was prepared exactly, but it is delicious especially on fries. 2. There was a reataurant here called...
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    News Hillary Clinton Running for President

    Jeb needs all the help he can get
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    Your Local Cuisine
  14. Digitalism

    Your Local Cuisine
  15. Digitalism

    Your Local Cuisine

    Speaking of hot dogs Shucos are usually served with guacamole, boiled cabbage, mayonnaise, mustard, and an assorted choice of meats. Chopped onions are added by a decent amount of shuqueros (hot dog vendors) across Guatemala City and Antigua. The most popular choices of meats are sausage...
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    Sense8 tv show

    It's a new series on Netflix from those involved with Babylon 5 and the Matrix. Has anyone here seen it yet? What did you think about it?
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    News Hillary Clinton Running for President

    I prefer Bernie Sanders
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    (Happening again) career vs relationship

    Who do you want to be when you are 80?
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    Smoky 3D complex network analysis that evolves in time

    Does anyone know of any tools/graphs that show relationships in networks in a more "smoky" form that evolves in time? Preferably that correlates with spatial location though not necessarily to a map. This is a "normal" picture and not what I am looking for, rather something for which the...
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    Information as the key underlying physical principle

    You are overkind. By no means did I mean to stifle inquiry. It is an interesting question, I was simply advising caution. Thank you for listening.
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    Information as the key underlying physical principle

    I did not miss the point, I was specifically guarding against that conjecture which I view to be an error. Perhaps I am incorrect.
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    Will society ever get rid of Lookism?

    When we're all composed of equations or dancing waves of personality matrices (if it is possible ie if we have no body). New kinds of demarcation would likely arise, but likely would fade with time.
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    What three books would you take?

    I'm a big believer in the idea that as long as you preserve the math the rest can be rebuilt from scratch over time. So maybe a nice math overview or focus on analysis like Tao's, Something more general going over the entire development of it like Penroses's The Road to Reality or A Brief...
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    Who is your favorite SciFi character?

    Ummon from the Hyperion Cantos Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon Joan (the fusion of Johann and Eunice) from I Will Fear No Evil by Heinlein Leto II from Dune
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    Any fans of Babylon 5

    I am a big fan. For me, it's probably neck and neck with tng which I think is the strongest of those series. I think it actually starts off relatively mildly and builds up over the first season with the season finale finally getting the main plot rolling. Seasons 2-4 have more of the "meat"...
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    How to explain D&D to 3 or 4 newbies?

    Tell her it's like acting? I dm a game and I'm pretty loose with letting players do what they want and have rolls match the attempt. So for example last game part of the area was on fire. Soneone decided to rip off a tarp and roll around in it to put out the fire by smothering it. They were...
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    Looking For a Theory whose entities turned out not to exist

    This isn't physics, but spontaneous generation of life from non-sentient matter like flies growing in rotting meat or microbes floating on some organic substance in a petri dish
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    Wars and battles in human history inevitable?
  29. Digitalism

    Information as the key underlying physical principle

    I feel as though "information" is just the keyword or buzzword within the physics community currently that allows for multidisciplinary problems to be formalized rigorously. You can see similar ideas within other disciplines such as mathematics
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    Scale Symmetry thread

    Hello, I am looking for resources on scale symmetry including the persons who are at the forefront, arxiv preprints, history of the development of the idea, and any other sources you can think of. Thank you.