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  1. Joppy

    Job Skills Crackpot employers or something wrong with me?

    Chances are not every job will be like that. However it's preferable to assume that it will always be like that. I could go on and on about poor decisions made by supervisors and so on. But who am I to judge? Just keep your head down and do what they want until you're in a position to make the...
  2. Joppy

    Math At the end of my Physics PhD, Switch to Mathematics?

    Maybe look into Mathematical Physics as a bridge.
  3. Joppy

    Physics PhD in New Zealand (or Australia)?

    Yes I think you interpreted correctly. The sooner you are in contact with an individual the better in my opinion :). I haven't heard of 'project' before to be honest. But you can apply into a 'PhD program' here, so, project/program same thing. Yes you will be working on a specific project...
  4. Joppy

    Physics PhD in New Zealand (or Australia)?

    It could be enough. I think regardless of the country, it all really comes down to the supervisor, and if they're willing to take you on. Do you know roughly what you want to do? It's important to look at what sort of PhD applications are available and get in contact with those people, or make...
  5. Joppy

    Physics PhD in New Zealand (or Australia)?

    First. If you graduate with honours from an undergraduate degree you can apply for PhD without doing masters. Depending on the research program you have done, this can also count as an honours equivalent. Second. I would say it's easier if you're an international. Universities like to have a...
  6. Joppy

    Engineering Becoming a Robotics Engineer

    Absolutely you can. In fact in my opinion, it's preferable. The content robotics majors cover are very broad. ME will allow you to develop some focus, and work on certain aspects of the system in general.
  7. Joppy

    Schools I'm nervous about university

    Nothing to be nervous about. A little bit of stress and anxiety is actually healthy. Helps you keep on top of things. All I can say is that if you're committed, you've got nothing to worry about. Most first year subjects won't appear to be any more work than year 12. It's just they're more...
  8. Joppy

    Usefulness of predicting species population

    I recently read this article. It discusses how we can use statistical methods to provide estimates of species population given little information about the actual population and other factors that make up the ecosystem. This is all fine, and i understand the importance of obtaining information...
  9. Joppy

    Programs The Freshman Physics Major

    Yeah. Batten down the hatches and focus on getting good scores. Then in the holidays or breaks you can try to get exposure to various fields and hopefully discover an interest.
  10. Joppy

    Programs The Freshman Physics Major

    Just work as hard as you can... While it's often tempting to get sidetracked on thinking about what you may want to do in the future as a graduate, it's crucial to focus on the fundamentals as much as possible. That being said, try to use the bit of extra time you may have as a freshman to work...
  11. Joppy

    Agronomy, Soil Science, and just plain Dirt

    Nothing like a bit of dirt in the morning.
  12. Joppy

    Friday laughs

    Bahahaha. The first one got me.
  13. Joppy

    Studying When you're stuck with a problem

    Provided it's a problem, and not an exercise, i immerse myself as deeply as possible into the problem, and try to leave no stone unturned. After adequate immersion, i sometimes take breaks from the problem, and let my subconscious do some work. Coming back to the problem after a small break lets...
  14. Joppy

    I Faraday cage article

    Interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Joppy

    Engineering Engineering vs. Actuary/Finance?

    Why? It's just a change of learning/thinking style along with a few other things.
  16. Joppy

    Engineering Engineering vs. Actuary/Finance?

    You need to consider what you like about math, which aspects. It wasn't until about a year into my engineering degree that I started to really enjoy math. Unfortunately, the way math is used in engineering is rather.. Abusive? In other words, it's simply a tool that is applied. Often is the case...
  17. Joppy

    Changes to the forum

    A very odd preference. Seems senseless to me.
  18. Joppy

    Frames and Machines

    Another name would be truss analysis (instead of 'frames'). Use this as a keyword to extend your search. Truss analysis is typically box standard. Are you aware of the Method Of Sections? Also, i'm not really sure what you mean by 'machines'. Four-bar linkages and that sort of thing?
  19. Joppy

    Changes to the forum

    Maybe you should download Tapatalk. It provides most of the notifications and info you need for PF, and a lot of other forums you might use also. The link attached is assuming you have an android device of some kind (from screenshot).
  20. Joppy

    Changes to the forum

    xD. Come on now, give the dev's a break :p.
  21. Joppy

    Changes to the forum

    I have no idea how this feature could be useful.
  22. Joppy

    Changes to the forum

    Why would you ever be viewing the forum and not be signed in? Just sign in and 'stay signed in'.
  23. Joppy

    Question on Laplace Transform of a constant voltage source

    Have you drawn a schematic of your considered situation? I recommend you do. I can't see any problem with having a circuit with multiple voltage sources.. So i can't see what you are trying to ask. By applying V2(t) after V1(t) is left on for a long time, you are simply left with a new circuit...
  24. Joppy

    Studying Should I follow my passion ?

    I would tell anyone that gets in the way of your dreams and recommends you to 'have a family, settle down, get a good job', to stick it. It will be difficult to accomplish your dream, but that's life... Persistence persistence persistence, and you will get there.
  25. Joppy

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    Eh.. To be honest... Control is a big part of Mechanical Engineering anyway. I think in either case you'll be fine.
  26. Joppy

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    Hmm... If you're just seeking employability, then i guess going down the thermo/fluids path would be better. You'd be more of a specialist in your field, and thus, be more likely to get higher paying, stable jobs. On the flip side, you definitely wouldn't be short of work if you go down the...
  27. Joppy

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    Naaa, don't bother with the thermo/fluids ;). Go for robotics! It's the future! Of course, my opinion is just an opinion, and is bias (as i mentioned, i am robotics eng student), but i would encourage you to go down the control systems path as it is still very much a developing and thriving...
  28. Joppy

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    Well, what do you like about each of the two topics? i.e., why do you enjoy control, and why do you enjoy thermo/fluids?
  29. Joppy

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    Not very hard I suspect. I am studying as a mechatronic engineering student, and I can take fluids/thermo classes as electives, no problem.