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    The power of 7

    Children doesn't have mean the person is still very young. It could simply mean the offspring of the parents, implying no age in particular.
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    How do you think the world will end

    I think it is most likely humanity will eliminate itself by using our own weapons. The threat of nuclear weapons is ever present and could be catastrophic in the wrong hands(anybodys hands for that matter). Biological weapons created in the labs of rogue terrorist groups could be used to kill...
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    Yellowstone's Massive Volcano

    The Discovery Channel had a recent program about the super volcano under Yellow Stone. The records showed a massive eruption occured every few hundered thousand years. While we know it will happen again, we have no clear way of determening when. In fact, due to the plates shifting, it is...
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    [Poll] To end all disease

    I would not kill even one child. Who are you to make a life or death decision for that child, even if it would benefit the entire human race for the rest of its days? You're nobody but a human being looking for some moral justification to commit an evil act. The only person who could make...