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    Neutral Particle Acceleration

    How are neutral elementary particles accelerated? Is it actually practical as of yet, or is there a way we can do so in the future?
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    The 2.82 factor

    I know that the RMS values need to be multiplied be 1.41 to get peak values, but now we are doing an experiment with magnetic field, there is a device that produces the magnetic field and the manual says we are supposed to multiply RMS values (which this device shows) by 2.82 to get the peak...
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    Functional equation

    Find f(x) if f(x) + f(\frac{x-1}{x}) = 1 + x
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    Nonlinear Differential equation

    Variable co-effiecients Linear Differential equation \frac{d^2 y}{dx^2} = c_1y(1-c_2x) any help? Is there a solution besides a series solution?
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    Geometrical moment of inertia

    Kindly explain the significance of the geometrical moment of inertia. i=\int y^2dA y is the distance from the axis, dA is the area element spacetime
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    Central force - circular motion

    For what form of a central force is the motion of a body exactly circular?
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    Greater than c

    Phase velocity of a wave can exceed the speed of light in vacuum. But it does not convey an information transfer at a speed greater than c. I am not sure about this concept. Is phase velocity just a theoretical concept in certain circumstances? spacetime
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    Radiation by accelerating charges

    Is there some law to calculate the details of radiation emitted by an accelerating charge?
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    Organic compund

    Hey, what could be a compund that gives a positive Molisch test but a negative fehling's test?
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    Differentiating x^2

    If you differentiate x^2 , you get 2x . But now, if you right x^2 as x+x+x+x+x+x..... x times, and then differentiate, you get 1+1+1+1+1+... = x What's wrong. Is it the discontinuity arising from the fact that multiplication can be converted to addition only in integers.
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    Process possible where the entropy of the universe decreases

    Is there no process possible where the entropy of the universe decreases. If so, then what is the need of using the word spontaneous in the second law of thermodynamics? Why don't we just write any process? spacetime
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    Capacitor and energy conservation

    Say, you have a parallel plate ideal capacitor and you choose a rectangular path, one side of which lies inside the region of electric field and the side parallel to that lies outside it. The other two sides are obviously perpendicular to the field. If I take this rectangular path then how...