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    Article tries to debunk the BBT

    This seems more like *****ing about the United States and trying to use the (no longer standard) big bang theory to do so, than a scientific debunking to me. The article also says that black holes are "imaginary:" Finally, this article is about the no longer standard, old big bang theory...
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    What's wrong with a bit of global warming?

    Read my post. I made no connection between that and global warming. I don't know which would be more expensive: moving a few dozen million people and rebuilding their homes and businesses somewhere else, or trying to slow down or prevent the effects of global warming. I just think it would be...
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    What's wrong with a bit of global warming?

    Your comment about Atlantis is one of the most ignorant things I've ever heard. Anyway, ignoring that... To be honest, I'd rather not have my house destroyed and be forced to move elsewhere. I'd also like to still be able to go on vacation in South Carolina. In case you didn't know...
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    Gravity verses electromagnetic attraction

    In some cases gravity can be repulsive instead of attractive. But in every day circumstances you're right.
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    What's your favorite movie?

    I haven't seen either of those but if by "that type of movie" you mean weird semi-porno-type movies that would be awkward to watch with close friends, it isn't that type of film. It's really a pretty good one, but it was produced on a low budget and was given really bad reviews. It's very...
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    What's your favorite movie?

    How about the Elegant Universe series on the PBS website? :P Boondock Saints, my favorite movie of all time hands-down. Gratuitous violence, extreme profanity and sexual content. Plus great music.
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    Multi-colored Stars

    Last night was much colder than it had been during the day and I didn't allow as much time as I usually do for the scope to cool off so that would make sense. Thanks for the reply.
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    Multi-colored Stars

    I was out observing about an hour ago (finally found M51 for the first time :biggrin:) when I noticed what I assumed was a star to the northeast just a few degrees above the horizon. I looked at it and immediately noticed it appeared to be flashing, but not like an airplane. I stared at it more...
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    Another retarded question

    Wouldn't the observer see the other object flying away at the speed of light? No matter what the speeds of the two objects are their speeds can never add up to more than c, right? So his clock would be moving at normal speed and he would see the other object's clock either stop if it was...
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    Stargazing Lunar Eclipse

    I saw a plane go over while out with the telescope and wondered if those people had a good view of it. Very cool.
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    Stargazing Lunar Eclipse

    Disregard. Thanks for the compliment.
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    Stargazing Lunar Eclipse

    Did anyone else catch the eclipse last night? I drug out the Dob around 9:30 and watched until 11:15 or so. It was brutally cold but totally cloudless and clear for most of the night. Saturn was right there too, at opposition I believe; so I got some good views of it too. I took a bunch of...
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    Stargazing Magnification of telescope

    Most things I've read say about 50 times per inch of aperture for a high-quality telescope or about 2 per millimeter. So yours would probably be about 300. I don't know how to find optic quality as it's not something you can measure, just collimate the scope to the best of your abilities and...
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    Zhumell 3x Barlow

    Sorry to be starting a new topic yet again, hope I don't look like a post whore: I'm thinking about buying this barlow but first I have some questions. 1) Will I be sacrificing a lot of image quality (if any) in using a 3x barlow? My scope is a 12" Dob. 2) Will the barlow simply triple...
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    Stargazing Astrophotography photos

    Second attempt at photographing the moon (holding a digicam to the eyepiece): [Broken] The shadowed part was actually also visible but when I turned up the brightness on the camera enough to see it the cratered side became...
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    Could I Have Seen the Horsehead?

    I wasn't using a filter, and first was looking at it through a 32mm Plössl and then switched over to a 9mm to get a closer look. With the 32 it looked like there were only two or three stars and with the 9 it looked more like four or five in a trapezoidal shape. I think Russ is right because I...
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    Could I Have Seen the Horsehead?

    The other night I was outside observing with my telescope (12" Zhumell Dob) and I saw Mars, the Pleiades, several random constellations and some bright blue planet/star. I also found a small light blue 'smudge' though, and after about five minutes it still hadn't moved and appeared to have four...
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    Complicating easy things

    I have this problem as well. But I'd rather take a B in a class because I'm too slow on quizzes and truly understand the ins and outs of the subject than get an A and only know the basic concepts. I can't take anything at face value.
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    How to study 12+ hours per day without hurting your

    Yes, I agree; your post is a perfect example of why we need to encourage people to devote more time to studying (especially in the grammar department).
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    Annoying nitpicking: has the geocentric view of the solar system been refuted?

    Doesn't the sun orbit the center of the galaxy very slowly (I've heard ~60mph, by my calculations less than a thousandth of Earth's velocity)? Or are those effects too small to be of any importance?
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    Collimation Problems

    I tried collimating it with the laser and I think that was the problem. Now it's perfect, thanks!
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    Collimation Problems

    I have a 12" Zhumell Dobsonian and I've been trying all day to collimate it and can't get it lined up right. This is what it looks like when peering into the eyepiece holder: [Broken] Can anyone tell me if this is a secondary...
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    Freakiest things in our solar system

    Obviously that's explained by their different distances from Earth. I'm sure you already knew that because it's pretty obvious, but I guess it is still interesting if they are truly exactly the same size from our perspective. I never bothered to actually compare them. I think the fact that...
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    Christmas Presents

    I got a general astronomy book covering just about every topic I could think of, and what I was really excited about - a 12" Zhumell Dobsonian reflector. I had my eye on it a few months back but didn't expect to ever actually get one. I also got some DVDs including my favorite movie, The...
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    How Dense Can You Get?

    I don't know much about gravity, but why would it destabilize or explode? To the best of my knowledge black holes don't regularly explode, and wouldn't this just be a mini black hole? I'd think it'd suck everything in around it and just keep growing denser and more massive until it ran out of...
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    Please help: simple algebra confusion.

    x+5 can be thought of as one term, so it's the same as if you were multiplying 4 by any regular number or variable. Because it's one term you multiply the whole thing by 4, which gives you -4x-20. That's how I like to think of it, hope that helped.
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    Gravity as a Function of X

    Thanks for the help. I thought this was an algebra question, sorry it was in the wrong place. Shows how little I know about math.
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    Gravity as a Function of X

    This isn't a homework question, just one that's been nagging me for a while, and it is algebra so I thought this an appropriate place for it. I've been working on this problem at my whiteboard for a good half hour and can't figure out. I'm sure it's very simple but a search of Google and these...
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    How instantaneous?

    From what I've read (which isn't really that much...), nobody knows how entanglement works. Some people think that the particles were given the properties measured at their creation and others think that this shows a lack of locality (the need to send a signal of some sort between two objects in...