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    Laws of the universe

    There are certain laws that govern this universe of ours. for example - the universal law of gravitation, the maxwell's laws and in case it does exist, the TOE... Now consider a universe as a set of laws. So if we give any random set of laws, it uniquely defines a universe. There can of course...
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    Who all can have a signature?

    Yeah, basically, who all can have a signature? Only paid members? What I know is that I can't because there is no 'Your Signature' type option in the 'Edit Profile' section.
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    Will it revolve?

    There is a lonely massive star standing almost fixed at some point in this universe. There is a small planet projected with some velocity in some direction near the star. Given the masses of the star and the planet and the velocity, can you find whether the planet will collide with the star? If...
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    Paradox contradicts

    I will write a few questions in succession such that the result of one contradicts that of the other and this renders the full situation fairly complicated. What I want you to do is to make the situation more comprehensible. A & B are two close friends. They go to an ATM centre and withdraw...
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    Find the normal force by each support

    Basically, you have a rod kept horizontally on three supports. It's in equilibrium. The positions of the supports and the mass and length of the rod are given. Find the normal force by each support. The problem looks particularly simple. But notice that you have a shortage of an equation. You...
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    Principle of Equivalence

    I was reading the Principle of Equivalence which says that inertial mass is equal to the gravitational mass, though I am not very clear that why it should be written as a theorem. Here is what I read and the subsequent confusions that formed :- First, to define the inertial mass, you fix a...
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    Particle Physics

    Did I say Particle Physics? I shouldn't have said that. I don't know much about it. But still, what I came upto recently was this :- I read somewhere that unstable nuclides can disintegrate in several ways, beta decay and positron decay being two of them. In beta decay, a neutron gets...
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    Heat produced on shaking

    OK, here is a question I found in a book some time ago :- An insulated box containing a monatomic gas of molar mass M moving with a velocity v is suddenly stopped. Find the increment in the gas temperature as a result of stopping the box. I thought on this and what came to my mind was this...
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    Potential energy in a moving reference frame

    Consider an object dropped from a height h above the earth's surface. Observe the motion from the following two reference frames :- 1. The frame fixed to the earth's surface :- Initially, Potential energy of the object = mgh Kinetic energy of the object = 0 Finally...
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    Uniform Circular motion

    What i am going to write is an extremely basic question. It's not a paradox. But why I thought of writing it here, is because meny people go wrong in answering it. Let's see how many of you go wrong here. OK, the question is as simple as this :- You are in space surrounded by an isotropic...
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    Bearnoulli's equation

    Consider a U- tube filled with water. The water in one arm of it is pushed down and left, result- the full water column will start oscillating. Now, consider an instant when the water levels in the two arms are not same and water in one arm is going up with a velocity v, water in the other...