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    Physics news

    Sorry, I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this question, but where in this forum can we start threads to share and discuss random physics and math news?
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    Sense8 tv show

    It's a new series on Netflix from those involved with Babylon 5 and the Matrix. Has anyone here seen it yet? What did you think about it?
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    Smoky 3D complex network analysis that evolves in time

    Does anyone know of any tools/graphs that show relationships in networks in a more "smoky" form that evolves in time? Preferably that correlates with spatial location though not necessarily to a map. This is a "normal" picture and not what I am looking for, rather something for which the...
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    Scale Symmetry thread

    Hello, I am looking for resources on scale symmetry including the persons who are at the forefront, arxiv preprints, history of the development of the idea, and any other sources you can think of. Thank you.
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    Cone with spherical top triple integration

    Homework Statement Homework Equations ∫∫∫dV The Attempt at a Solution Ok so I started by setting my bounds equal to √(200-x^2-y^2) ≥ z ≥ √(x^2+y^2), √(100-x^2) ≥ y ≥ -√(100-x^2), 10 ≥ x ≥ -10 which I got from solving z^2 = (200-x^2-y^2) = x^2+y^2 => x^2+y^2 = 100 but it...
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    Double integral e^(ysqrtx)dxdy

    Homework Statement ∫∫e^(y√x)dxdy from 1 to 4 then from 0 to 2 Homework Equations ∫ e^x = e^x u substitution The Attempt at a Solution I am just curious if this is equal to double integral e^(y\sqrt{x})dydx from 0 to 2 then from 1 to 4. In other words can I change the order of...
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    Calculators Definite Double Integrals 2 variables TI-89 Titanium

    Hello I am trying to solve this integral 25-9x^2-25y^2/9 dydx integrating from 0 to sqrt(9-9x^2/25) and the limits of the second integration are 0 to 5. I can find tutorials on how to find the definite double integral of a single variable, but not for two variables. Any clues? edit: so far...
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    Stimulating production of oxytocin

    Would it be possible to stimulate the production of oxytocin by activating certain brain regions? Perhaps using something similar to transcranial direct current stimulation?
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    Differentiating realities

    Sorry, I did not know where to post this as it is sort of a "philosophy of physics" question that I am not sure has an answer and was curious if anyone had any thoughts not grounded in pseudoscience. How can a set of particles interacting in quantum fashion (perhaps a bose einstein condensate...
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    MBA vs Natural Science Management

    Which do you think would be more lucrative in the long run? I am in computer engineering, and I would like to do my own startup, but I am exploring other options as well.
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    Bose einstein condensates and GR?

    If time is constantly moving the direction of increasing entropy and quantum systems are time symetric then how do macropscopic entanlged systems such as bose-einstein condensates relate temporally to themselves and larger systems of which they might be subsets? Because BECs are large enough to...
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    Two Black Holes collide

    If two black holes with equal mass were to collide when they reach the point where their respective centers are at the schwarzchild radius of the other black hole could the spacetime distortions caused by their masses cancel out in such a way that matter/energy could escape along the plane of...
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    The Oxford questions

    Recently a group of academics came together to draft a set of questions in physics that are still open which lack definitive answers. The questions are as follows: Specifically they wanted to "avoid rehashing various aspects of the status quo in debates about the foundations of quantum...
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    Alternative Biochemistries

    Is it possible to use synthetic biology to create new kinds of life with alternative biologies such as a boron based lifeform or a solvent other than water such as ammonia or sulfuric acid? Alternatively, what is the likelihood of alternative biochemistries arising naturally as compared to life...
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    Loop Quantum Gravity and entropy

    How specifically does LQG explain how the universe can oscillate from big bang to big crunch ad infinitum? Wouldn't the total energy able to be used as work decrease after a couple of bounces? Am I simply misunderstanding or making a false assumption about what LQG's premises are? I've not...
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    Can solutions to difficult questions within physics be better solved from without?

    Firstly, I hope that my post does not offend anyone or come across as hostile. My goal is to challenge others with questions that I myself am wrestling with and hopefully stimulate some personal growth for myself and others. It seems at times that people who "think technically" within the...
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    Is anyone here interested in transhumanism?

    Or any other such things? Biotech/nanotech/ai convergence type stuff? Where do you go for news/information about such topics? Does this forum have a chat feature?