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    Moments and Bending Moments

    Hello, I have a small question about moments and bending moments. So, if I have a beam with a loading given by q (N/m) which is given as a function of x then what do these calculations get me? \int xq(x) dx \int (\int q(x) dx) dx The first integral gives me the moment about a point because I...
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    Beam Deflection

    Homework Statement Homework Equations For small deflections: M=EI \frac{d^2y}{dx^2} The Attempt at a Solution To solve a problem like this, I think I was told I need to study the deflection and displacement of the beam. If I said that the deflection at points x=0 and x=3L have to be 0...
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    Amplifiers homework problem

    Homework Statement Homework Equations dI = \frac{\partial I}{\partial V_{GS}} dV_{GS} + \frac{\partial I}{\partial V_{DS}}dV_{DS} The Attempt at a Solution I was just wondering why \small V_{G} is at 0. I have solved the entire question (there are more parts :P), but I could only do it...
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    Complex Impedance

    Homework Statement Question 2 on this paper: Homework Equations Z = V/I V=L di/dt The Attempt at a Solution for part a of the question: I began with V = Vo cos(wt) And I = Io cos (wt + k) I...
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    Satellite motion and Moment of Momentum

    Homework Statement [Broken] Homework Equations Not too sure to be honest. The Attempt at a Solution Well, r1 cross product m v1 = r2 cross m v2 But, there is a force applied so I have to take that into account. I was thinking, The moment...
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    Gauss' Law and it's meaning

    Hello all. I have been trying to learn some Physics in my spare time and I came across Gauss' Law. I've been thinking about different cases and conditions and I have been confused by the actual meaning of Electric flux being 0. Homework Statement If I consider a sheet of uniform charge per...
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    I found this one

    i guess this thread belongs to GD. is it true that early humans had copper based bloodand thus blue blood ????
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    Virtual particles

    i saw this, is it true? [Broken]