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    How to dope a chemical compound?

    I am interested in creating phosphors for electroluminescent panels and from what I've read, one of the most common compounds is copper-doped zinc sulfide (ZnS:Cu). I've figured out how to create the zinc sulfide through a simple combustion synthesis reaction but it is the doping part that I...
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    Extracting CuCl2 from used PCB etchant.

    So far, ferric chloride is the easiest obtainable etching solution I have at my disposal.
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    Extracting CuCl2 from used PCB etchant.

    I'm interesting in extracting the copper chloride but if that if not directly possible, I would also like to know how to recover the copper and then turn it into copper chloride.
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    Extracting CuCl2 from used PCB etchant.

    Greetings all. I was wondering if any of you would know how exactly to extract copper chloride (CuCl2) from a solution of used pcb etchant. I know that when you react ferric chloride (the initial etchant) with copper, the products are FeCl2 and CuCl2 dissolved in a dark colored solution but how...