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  1. cmyers152

    Programs Double major in physics and EE or do a master's in EE

    I mean this is from industry professionals. Get your EE degree bud, you'll be much better off
  2. cmyers152

    Programs Double major in physics and EE or do a master's in EE

    I have not graduated just yet, still a couple months away, but I am applying for jobs now, as is normal. But many places that have applied to have said that the degree only encompasses some of the skill they're looking for. Specifically, I wanted to get into computer hardware engineering. I was...
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    Programs Double major in physics and EE or do a master's in EE

    Absolutely, so firstly this, a BS/BA in physics really is worthless. Unless you minor in computer science, no one will really care for you in the working world. Your options with a BS/BA is to teach at private high schools. Now, if you go on to graduate school for physics, that's a whole lot of...
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    Admissions Drop the Physics Requirement to Encourage More Women Engineers?

    I dont think this would be a good idea. Intro physics 1 and 2 (Newtonian and E&M Without calculus) are fairly stripped down versions of the actual courses. They are there for the development of critical thinking skills and how to approach physical problems. If you can't pass those two and...
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    Programs Double major in physics and EE or do a master's in EE

    As a graduating senior not going to grad school, get out of physics. Go directly for the EE degree. Feel free to continue the physics degree, but take it as more of a hobby than as a way to a career.
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    How to get into Harvard, MIT or Princeton from India?

    I'll start this off with I'm no crazy scholar, but my uncle is. He received his PhD from MIT and he highly recommended NOT going to undergrad at MIT. But instead going to a big school with good research programs. The undergraduate rigor at those schools is overkill. Going to graduate school at...
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    Admissions Issues with undergrad GPA, Masters Applications

    I just went through this, but in a slightly different way. I'm a undergrad senior still, but I asked a prof of mine if it's harder to get in once you get older. She said it was as most schools are age-bias for masters and PhD programs. She has her condensed matter physics PhD from Harvard to add...
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    Programs How to recover GPA in order to apply to Master's programs?

    I'm in a far worse situation academically than you are with way less time remaining before graduation, from the calculations I've done I can still do it, but for you, I would say continue working hard. You're gonna need to keep getting 3.5's and 4.0's in your physics classes. Keep work hard...
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    Schools Grad school skills

    I'm looking to compile a list of skills that people have used on their grad school applications that looked good, such as programming and research experience
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    Schools Graduate School resume/guidance please

    Also, vanadium, thank you for pointing that out on the extra circulars, I honestly felt like those would've helped for a resume, but maybe I should leave those as something for an interview as I want to make myself sound as well rounded as possible. I have an advisor who's on our graduate...
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    Schools Graduate School resume/guidance please

    Thank you both for taking the time to respond. As of about an hour ago I've sent off three more emails looking into more research positions throughout the physics department. If those don't work I'll start looking into the engineering department. As for what you've said vanadium by north of a...
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    Schools Graduate School resume/guidance please

    HI everyone, I am currently a senior at a big university who will be finishing up my BS in physics in either Fall of 2018 or Spring of 2019. I would like to go to graduate school after undergrad, but as of this moment there is no way I would get accepted to any school at all. To give you some...