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    Rotating multiple objects around an axle?

    I'm looking for a way to rotate blocks. There is a single axle going through the blocks.. say there are a dozen of them. I am trying to figure out a way to rotate each block individually to one of the 4 sides based on different inputs. I am also trying to accomplish this with a single motor...
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    Wrapping Function

    Homework Statement A particle moves with constant speed in a circle with a radius of 5m in a counter-clockwise direction. It makes 1 revolution every 16 seconds. What is the average velocity for 1/4 revolution? 5/4 revolutions? Homework Equations Wrapping Function: W = (cos t, sin t)...
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    Derivation Using Limits

    Yea, you're definitely right. Thanks! Been a while since I had to do that.
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    Derivation Using Limits

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of the function f(x) = sqrt(x). (Bear in mind that cannot use the power rule or anything like it. I must use limh->0.) Homework Equations limh->0 (f(x+h) - f(x))/h The Attempt at a Solution I'm getting hung up on expanding out the...
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    Cool Physical Phenomena Objects?

    Ya know, rare earth magnets and crap like that. Anybody know of some other cool things to have sitting around the house?
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    Range of a Function

    Well the range of 25 + (x - 3)2 is y >= 25, right? So, the range of sqrt(25 + (x - 3)2 is y >= 5? Yea, I think expanding the (x - 3)2 term messed me up. I was thinking that i was possible for the radicand to be a negative number.. ugh. Stupid mistake. Thanks a lot for the help.
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    Range of a Function

    Homework Statement Find the range of h Homework Equations h(x) = sqrt(25 + (x - 3)2) The Attempt at a Solution I factored out the (x-3)2 and simplified to get sqrt(x2 - 6x + 34) I was trying to figure out the domain first, knowing that x2 - 6x >= -34 in order for the...
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    Should I even attempt becoming a physics prof?

    This is the one occupation that I'm sure I would love, but the more I read on it, the more impossible it seems that I will land a tenured university position. I'm a 1st year student at Michigan State and have a 3.9 at the moment. I imagine I'll end up in the 3.75+ area after my physics...
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    Physics Undergrad: Transfer from UWaterloo to Mcgill?

    You're at WATERLOO. I don't think their program is disorganized.
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    Aiming my dob [Broken] if you look at my scope, you'll probably notice that when extended, the actual "tube" part isn't near the middle of the scope.. if I mounted it with an eq, i don't think the fulcrum would be centered. i think i'd have the same...
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    Aiming my dob

    Is there a way to mount my telescope to an eq mount?
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    Aiming my dob

    Is there an guide on what parts to get/how to assemble one anywhere? Sounds like a useful investment.. it'd just be nice to see how other people have done it before I go blow $40 at home depot.
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    Aiming my dob

    Yea last night I was pretty desperate and strapped a 5lb. dumbbell on it with my belt. It was good when I looked at things near the horizon.. but when I had to aim up, it was too heavy and kept drifting up. Are counter-weights a regular part of viewing with a dob for everyone else? If so...
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    Aiming my dob I have the Sky-Watcher 10" dob (got it for xmas). All around, it's a great scope for the cost, and produces some very crisp visuals of surprisingly distant objects... when it can center on them. I find myself having to constantly aim higher than the object so my telescope will "fall"...
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    Favorite music?

    What are some of you guys' favorite artists/bands? Just wondering =) I'm a big Tool fan, anyone else?
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    Most physics-ey engineering discipline

    Yea.. not a degree option @ my school.. that's a pretty uncommon one.
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    Most physics-ey engineering discipline

    Which fields of engineering involve the most physics. I'm a physics major at the moment, but after seeing how ridiculous it is to land a tenure position at a university, I'm considering switching to engineering. What do you guys suggest for a physics/math buff?
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    Schools Transferring Colleges -NYC-

    Columbia has Brian Greene. He is amazing. Read "An Elegant Universe" or "Fabric of the Cosmos" sometime. I would KILL to be enrolled in Columbia's physics program.
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    Programs Math Major or Physics Major?

    That's comparing a specific job title to a degree. It's not a competition, but that list is the top 2009 degrees by salary. Math isn't on it. To be honest, both degrees are equally admirable. They both will get you an excellent job, so pick the one that you simply enjoy the most. Go with...
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    How to study 12+ hours per day without hurting your

    I can definitely relate to both sides of this argument. I, too am a first year university student. Studying math is a rewarding experience and lead to a lot of great things, but meeting new people and getting other points of view is equally important. I guess what I'm trying to say is.. you...
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    Programs Math Major or Physics Major? Math is above physics, eh?
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    My second math wind

    Up until middle school.. math was my thing. I wouldn't say I "enjoyed" it, but it definitely came naturally. My teacher even forced me to do math counts in 7th and 8th grade. We had a grad student as our coach and he always tried to get me into math, and, for whatever reason, I just really...
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    Is gravitational attraction finite?

    Yea empty probably wasn't the best word choice. I meant a region of spacetime unaffected by any objects/their gravitational pull.
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    Is gravitational attraction finite?

    So if gravitational attraction is infinite, does that mean there is no such thing as flat, empty spacetime? Is all spacetime warped in some way or another?
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    Is gravitational attraction finite?

    Is there a distance where the curvature in spacetime created by an object's mass ends? Is it a finite gravity well or does the curvature just get infinitely weaker?
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    Stargazing My New Telescope

    A while back, I posted here asking for telescope recommendations. After many members advised getting a dob," [Broken] is what I went with. I love this scope. Seems very well put together and can capture some pretty amazing...
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    The Big Bang!

    Yea, I don't have a problem with it as a general outline, but one time too many have I seen some physicist on PBS or Discovery or whatever start to go into excruciatingly minute details like "in a one millionth of a trillionth of second, the universe multiplied by six trillion billion". Just...
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    The Big Bang!

    I know the topic is incredibly original, but I was just curious as to how many people genuinely accept this as a feasible explanation for the creation of the universe. Personally.. I think (at least for a long time) that there is no way of knowing. I don't like how mainstream this theory has...
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    Use of drugs to enhance academic performance

    I have ADHD. I take Adderall IR twice a day. My roommate and a couple other friends knew and told a few other kids on our floor and eventually the word spread. I can't go anywhere without someone saying "Hey, you have Adderall right?". I think that the misuse of Adderall & other amphetamines...
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    Stargazing Telescope Recommendations Anyone?

    Cool. So, if I went with a Dobsonian, what are some things to look for? (ie. magnification, size, etc.) For the highest magnification.. it seems most of them are 300x? If so, why spend $500 more for one with the same max. magnification?