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  1. glondor

    Metal recovery via chemistry

    I am working on a pilot project to recover gold from circuit boards. I have tried several methods and am interested in giving iodine a try. I know it will dissolve the gold but I cannot find an answer on how to get the iodine solution to drop the gold. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. glondor

    Ronald jenkees

    I threw up a link in another post about this guy. I thought it would be better if I gave him a post of his own. Check this guy out and throw him some feedback. I was amazed at his skills and his attitude.One super cool dude in my books. link to several vids here, check a few...
  3. glondor

    Stereo earpiece

    Hi all. Anyone ever heard of a stereo earpiece? My son is deaf in one ear and when he uses headphones he looses half the sound. Ear buds are the same. only half the sound comes thru. I wonder if there is a full sound earpiece out there some where. IE both channels of sound in one earbud.
  4. glondor

    Eye exam

    aaarg I think I need to get my eyes checked...pahhh. I have noticed over the last few months the vision in my left eye is a lil fuzzy and my depth perception is fading a bit. Not so good in my line of work. I have not had the eyes checked in years and I was wondering what new and exciting things...
  5. glondor

    Photoshop a sunset for me please.

    Hi all. On the drive home the other night I saw ? seen? one of the coolest sunsets I have ever seen. Let me describe it for you. There was a low layer of clouds with a clearing (clear sky) above and then another layer of clouds several thousand feet above. The sun set below (behind) the lower...
  6. glondor

    Interesting map of the sciences
  7. glondor

    Fun music toy

    A really fun music toy
  8. glondor

    Indian Temple and the colours of fall

    It was such a beautiful day here in southern Ontario Barb and I decided to take a lil drive. We took a few photos on our trip. The Credit river valley is 2 minutes from our place, so we shot the fall colours. There are some beautiful colours right outside our apt. Next we drove to the area of a...
  9. glondor

    Anybody know what these are?

    I found these little objects on the floor of a building I am in the process of demolishing. I have no idea what they are or what they do, so I thought I would pop them on here to see if anyone can shed some light. There is a circuit on one end, covered in clear plastic. They unscrew, Inside...
  10. glondor

    I did not know this technology was so far advanced

    Fantastic and kinda spooky vid showcasing Flex Pickers. I didn't know what they were either.
  11. glondor

    Science inspirations as a kid

    I spent some time at Stumbleupon and came across this old video of Julius Sumner Miller. This brought me back to thinking about others of science who facinated me in my youth. I remember Magnus Pike, although I do not remember the show he was on. It was british.I remember Magnus became a bit of...
  12. glondor

    Spring is coming

    After 3 or 4 snow storms mounting to 60 cm of snow over the last two weeks..........spring has sprung! +4 degrees today and the sun is shining. Beautiful warm sunny. Snow mountains melting ahhhhhhhhhhh.
  13. glondor

    Need some input on email

    Hey all, My 12 year old son wants an email account. We discussed some basic rules which he agreed to so I told him I would hook him up with gmail. The youngster for some reason balked at gmail and insisted on msn hotmail. I told him I would look at the merits of each and decide. I use gmail and...
  14. glondor

    Upgrading subscription

    Is there a way to become a gold without paypal?
  15. glondor

    Ok this one is just realy realy wierd

    But its kinda cool. If I ever saw plants like these i think i would run.
  16. glondor

    An amazing video

    Deconstructing an ant colony. The ants moved 40 tons of earth and dug to 26 feet.
  17. glondor

    Shooting the moon. did i get a space station?

    Hey all. My kids and me were trying to get some shots of the old moon tonight. I took about 40 or so so far. We were going out every half hour or so and I was shooting 10 or so shots per trip. As it is minus 20 degrees we were pretty quick about it. As we came in I would pop the camera card in...
  18. glondor

    Rogue Waves

    Thought I would post this gem. I have experianced something similar to this in the early 1980's in the caribean. Very scary. This put a spotlight on the power of the sea. This is a clip from the discovery channel's show "deadliest catch" About crabbers off of the Alaska coast. They get smashed...
  19. glondor

    Any one over 40 will remember this

    Just not quite like this. Turn it up and be amazed.
  20. glondor

    A math question if I may.

    I am reading " The Honor Harrington series" by author David Weber. It is pretty cool scifi with some intricate plots and massive space battles. Thru these books the refrence used for speed has always eluded me in a "frame of refrence" sence. The ships have "accelerations" refrences in...
  21. glondor

    The EVO gun

    Jeez I hope I never get you mad at me. How did you discover antigravity anyway?? [Broken]
  22. glondor

    The most dangerous roads in the world.

    Browse thru these 5 pages to see some of the scariest, most breathtaking roads on our planet. There are some of these roads I would love to drive and others I wouldn't try on a bicycle!
  23. glondor

    Strange lights

    Do you think this is an effect of the night scopes? or is there some other phenominon going on here. I give the video 100% credability, as it seems several observers see the same thing... what are they seeing. Seems the brightest is over the biggest city.
  24. glondor

    Canadian winter

    A few pics of our winter in canada so far this year. I realy like the sun dogs. Courtesy of the weather network. There are some vids as well.
  25. glondor

    Any idea what this is?

    any idea what this is??? Found this on stumble upon. Hope the link works. If anyone knows what this is...
  26. glondor

    Music selections please.

    My 10 year old daughter is going to be allowed to listen to her mp3 player in classes this coming school year. They will allow it as a "sonic mask" to help her to not get distracted quite so easily. The requirements for sound are either white noise, music with no vocals, (ie. classical) or...