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  1. Yae Miteo

    Loop-the-loop with potentional and kinetic energy

    Homework Statement A mass m = 77 kg slides on a frictionless track that has a drop, followed by a loop-the-loop with radius R = 15.1 m and finally a flat straight section at the same height as the center of the loop (15.1 m off the ground). Since the mass would not make it around the loop if...
  2. Yae Miteo

    Pendulum Velocity

    Homework Statement A mass m = 5.5 kg hangs on the end of a massless rope L = 1.81 m long. The pendulum is held horizontal and released from rest. How fast is the mass moving at the bottom of its path? Homework Equations a_c = \frac {v^2}{r} F = ma v = v_o + at The Attempt at a Solution I...
  3. Yae Miteo

    Spring launched box sliding over friction surface

    Homework Statement A block with mass m = 14 kg rests on a frictionless table and is accelerated by a spring with spring constant k = 4085 N/m after being compressed a distance x_1 = 0.546 m from the spring’s unstretched length. The floor is frictionless except for a rough patch a distance d =...
  4. Yae Miteo

    Work by tension on masses

    Homework Statement A mass m_1 = 4.1 kg rests on a frictionless table and connected by a massless pulley to another mass m_2 = 3 kg, which hangs freely from the string. When released, the hanging mass falls a distance d=0.83m. How much work is done by tension on m_1? Homework Equations v^2 =...
  5. Yae Miteo

    Engineering Engineering with math major

    I am majoring in applied math and considering a minor in physics. Would it be reasonably possible for me to get a job in engineering (electrical or mechanical) with only that background?
  6. Yae Miteo

    Find parametric equations for the tangent line

    Homework Statement Find parametric equations for the tangent line to the curve with the given parametric equations at the specified point. Homework Equations x = 1+2 \sqrt{t}, \quad y = t^3 - t, \quad z = t^3 + t, \quad (3, 0, 2) The Attempt at a Solution I began by...
  7. Yae Miteo

    Self-taught physics

    (I would like to apologize if this is in the wrong forum; I wasn't sure where to put it) Anyway, I am very interested in studying physics, but my degree (CS) only requires one basic class in classical mechanics. I could take more physics courses to fill science electives, but the physics...
  8. Yae Miteo

    Vector function intersection

    Homework Statement "Find a vector function that represents the curve of intersection of the two surfaces." Homework Equations Cone: z = \sqrt{x^2 + y^2} Plane: z = 1+y The Attempt at a Solution I began by setting x=cos t, so that y = sin t and z = 1+sin t. At this point...
  9. Yae Miteo

    Relative velocity of plane with vectors

    Homework Statement The problem is worded thus: You are on an airplane traveling 30° south of due west at 130 m/s with respect to the air. The air is moving with a speed 30 m/s with respect to the ground due north. (a) What is the speed of the plane with respect to the...
  10. Yae Miteo

    What time are two thrown balls at the same height?

    Homework Statement A red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 1.2 m/s from a height of 25 meters above the ground. Then, 0.6 seconds after the red ball is thrown, a blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 23.8 m/s, from a height of 0.8 meters above the ground. The force...
  11. Yae Miteo

    Integration by parts with e and sine

    Homework Statement Evaluate the integral. Homework Equations \int e^{2x} sin(3x) dx The Attempt at a Solution I began by using integration by parts. u = sin(3x) v = \frac {e^{2x}} {2} du = 3 cos(3x) dv = e^{2x} dx but I get stuck after that because the...
  12. Yae Miteo

    Problem with trig integral

    Homework Statement Evaluate the integral. Homework Equations \int sin^2(\pi x) cos^5 (\pi x) dx The Attempt at a Solution I tried first by splitting the cosine up \int sin^2(x) [1-cos^2(x)] cos^2(x) cos(x) dx and from there use u-substitution. However, I am not sure what...
  13. Yae Miteo

    Problem with series

    Homework Statement Determine whether the series is convergent or divergent. If it is convergent, find its sum. Homework Equations \sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{1 + 2^n}{3^n} The Attempt at a Solution Hello, I have tried to find the sum of this series using both the...
  14. Yae Miteo

    Alternative Atmospheres for Life

    Is it possible for life to exist on a planet with an atmosphere radically different from earth's? Where the organisms breathe gases other than oxygen or carbon dioxide?
  15. Yae Miteo

    Planetary Composition

    So... Theoretically, planets (that are not gas giants, or water planets) could be composed of silicon, iron, or carbon. Are there any other elements that could make up most of a planet?
  16. Yae Miteo

    How Large Can a Planet be and Still Have Earth's Mass?

    Question: Just as in the title. How large can a planet be and still have the earth's mass? Obviously, this depends on its composition, just as long as it's solid and life can exist on it.