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  1. phion

    Visual Basic: Copying a File

    Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out how to copy the contents of a file over to another file, and removing an item of the content of the list I'm copying in the process. The idea is that I need to remove an item from a list by copying everything that is in file one over to file two that is not...
  2. phion

    Colored Words or Numbers in VB6

    Hi, I've written some code in VB6, and I'm trying to figure out how to add color to individual words and numbers. The program is a console application Roulette game. What I need to figure out is how to make my money green if positive and red if negative, and color the words "red" and "black"...
  3. phion

    News Sentinel’s Mission to Find 500,000 Near-Earth Asteroids
  4. phion

    Excellent Calculus Practice

    While working on the calculus sequence in college, I've found some amazing supplementary websites that help to hasten understanding of everything from calculus I-II, as well as beyond. I hope you may find these resources as helpful to your learning as I have. Calculus Problems Calculus...
  5. phion

    Non-Chemical Propulsion Alternatives for Space Launches

    I'm attempting to do a term paper about the above title. There are a lot of potential alternatives to chemical rocket launches in the works; some realistic, and some not very. My hope in creating this thread is to gain some insight into what exactly these alternatives are (I'm sure I've missed a...
  6. phion

    Wipebook opinions

    So I saw a Tweet from Slate on Twitter the other day about Wipebook. I was curious if anyone has ever tried using one and what your thought and opinions about them are? I think I want the Wipebook 2.0 for Christmas!
  7. phion

    Calculators TI-89 Emulator

    I left my TI-89 calculator at the last psyche ward I admitted myself to, and so began searching for emulators online the other day. I found this one, and it works exactly like the real thing: Ti-89 Emulator Enjoy!
  8. phion

    Is scientific genius a thing of the past?

  9. phion

    Science Cafes Offer a Sip of Learning

    The article mentions a town I actually lived in a several years ago, pretty cool. link
  10. phion

    Medical Engineers Are Reinventing Drug Testing

    link iPSCs Nina Tandon
  11. phion

    The Vision of Business

    I've been following Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo!, for quite some time now. I think she's magnificent, brilliant, and sexy. In a recent article she talks about the importance of internalizing a common vision and the acquisition of new ideas. Much of what she talks about can be found in...
  12. phion

    Reducing the Bernoulli Equation

    I'm practicing first-order linear differential equations, and have come across something I find interesting - being able to reduce nonlinear equations to linear equation with appropriate substitutions. I'll start with the well-known Bernoulli equation, and if there are other ways to do this...
  13. phion

    'Like' Function

    I'm not sure how adding Facebook-esque type functionality attached to every forum post might be received, but I think that a lot of people might appreciate the nonverbal qualifications and encouragement of those kinds of notifications. What do you think?