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    Monday March 5th

    I have a 10 page report over Brunelleschi and il Duomo, the Cathedral of Florence, and I have easy physics exam at a later time that day, 5:00. This weekend, should I: A) Review physics B) Finish my de hw C) Study for other midterms D) Start my 10 page report over Brunelleschi and il...
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    I hate my DE text

    My DE class (for engineers) requires that the text be printed (for free at university!!!), and not that saving money is bad, but I wan't a book that can give me the same information for cheap. I am thinking about these dover books that come $14-$20. Any suggestions?
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    What courses are you taking this semester?

    linear algebra, cal iii and physics i :cool:
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    Help me exalted ones

    Help me exalted ones.... I am a poor lost soul who lies. I have told various people within the past 6 months that I plan on majoring in math, computer science and electrical/computer engineering. I change my major every three weeks, usually rotating between CS and ECE. I honestly am fretting...
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    Nuclear substitute

    I am not too well versed on computer engineering or nuclear chemistry. If a photon can be substituted for the elctron in the logic process of computing (optical computing), why not use a radioactive element in decay emitting gamma rays in place of a photon? Disregard the harmful side effects...
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    Algebraic formulas

    I have often noticed something between distance formula: d(P_1,P_2)=\sqrt{(x_2-x_1)^2+(y_2-y_1)^2} and equation of a circle: (x-h)^2+(y-k)^2=r^2 There appears to be a relation between the two. It seems as though both h,k can be replaced with an x,y (in the eqaution of a circle...
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    Physicist to Present New Exact Solution of Einstein's Gravitational Field Equation Does anybody know anything about this Dr. Febler or the Advanced Institute at Austin? I can't find a dime to spit on. I have not taken any physics courses yet, but I do know what is meant by 'exact' (as stated in the title) form my math courses...
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    MacGuyver Mastercard Superbowl commercial

    First, MacGuyver uses a pine tree shaped airfreshner to cut the rope binding his hands behind a chair. NExt, he takes a tube sock to slide down a metal wire from about 2 stories to the ground. Last, he takes a paper clip, ball point pen, rubber band, a few other items and turkey bastor to...
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    Controversial topics in physics

    I am looking for controversial subjects in physics, and possibly other sciences including math. There is a paper due at the end of my semester of english/composition and I must write on any controversial subject (so long as two sides to the issue exist, which is not very specific). ie (iraq war...
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    Spacetime Physics by J. Wheeler and E. Taylor

    I have had this book for a while and never really looked into it. It claims to be an easy/nonmathematical approach to relativity. Has anyone read this book before? Can I really understand what the subject matter is covering without any post-calculus math? Is it also a good beginer's guide to...
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    Spring semester math

    I have not signed for any classes yet but I am 100% certain I am going to take trig, chem, sociology/philosophy. I can take one other class and I was leaning towards a math class because I want to build my math skills before I head into calculus (trig is a prerequisite). I have options between...
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    Ok, so it is 80 degrees F in Texas

    ...and it is nearly Januarary. I have been living along the gulf coast of Texas for 15+ years and I can never remember it being so warm, not only that but so humid. I have been watching the local news and reading the local paper but seems as if no one knows exactly why this has happened...
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    Math vocabulary

    I was finishing a test today when one of the questions towards the end asked to have all the rational roots listed of a polynomial. I looked at this question and I thought: "I have never heard of 'rational roots'". Though I have heard of rational zeroes, so I just assumed these two to be the...
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    Moon Satellite

    So had an idea the other day, and...Too make a gob of statements that started out incoherently seem coherent this is what I was thinking of doing: Take an asteroid (roughly 2 million pounds in weight) from the asteroid belt and place it in moon orbit. Please don't ask me about how I would...
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    Fields in ferromagnetism and proper range of atom size

    When iron, cobalt and nickel are placed in weak fields they assume a large magnetic polarization. I was wondering if this weak field needs to be either diagmagnetic or paramagnetic field. My guess is that it is paramagnetic but not sure which paramagnets could be used. 'Weak field' is used...
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    Stargazing Telescope acting like microscope

    I know this guy, and he say the Hubble telescope is worthless and has never done anything because it cannot take clear pictures of the Apollo landing site. This because he think it was a hoax and he wants proof:uhh: . He is currently not convinced of the reason Hubble cannot take such photos...
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    Medical A few optical illusions and their explination

    A few optical illusions and their explanation I thought this was a cool site, usually when I find a site that has optical illusions it simply states what to do and what you will see. Mr. Bach proceeds to give, brief, but yet good explanations of why the effect happens, and sources too, very...
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    Microwave engine claiming free energy

    I found this just a while ago... The whole idea is to take a magnetron froma microwave oven and install it in a combustion engine. The problem is this guy says it is to be used as a steam turbine, not a combustion engine (and that it is the most...
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    Elements formed in supernova

    Will on spring break earlier this year my dad informed me of a physicist who had recently passed away and who was responsible for detecting that all elements up to carbon(?) are formed in supernova. I have had a hard time searching for information on this man and his work and was wondering if...
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    The math of hurricane rita

    The story: when hurricane Rita came by, my dad and I were putting up boards when I decided to start making a formula to estimate the additional water that will be spewed into the streets due to people and the city cutting their grass before the storm. What I thought, cutting grass would...
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    Yet another faster than light question

    Yet another faster than light question.... So I was thinking the other day: an electron experiences a significant energy gain and as a result a photon is jetted. This is how the photon is created, no? Ok then, I asked myself: is there a way to measure the energy level of the electron prior...