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    Making a lesson plan that utilizes technology

    mostly middle schoolers, and not necessarlity for physics, but it definitely can be. i was thinking about doing a lesson on statistics, but there is so much out there with it, i just do not know.
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    Making a lesson plan that utilizes technology

    I'm in need of making a lesson plan that utilizes technology. I can't find any good ideas. Checked out TI and NCTM's websites, to no avail. Anyone have any cool ideas or websites that would work? The lesson plan needs to use technology by means of Excel or a TI calculator.
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    Divisibility Questions

    Ahhhh, I knew it was something with algebra. Thank you very much. I understand that now. Becuase something multiplied by a must mean that a is divisible by b. Thanks much! If only I can get this second one. :mad:
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    Divisibility Questions

    Two questions here. I know the definitions, but cannot formulate a through proof. 1.a and b are positive integers. If a^3 | (is divisible by) b^2, then a | (is divisible by) b. Now, by definition, I know that a^3*k=b^2, for some k. Also, I know that a * j = b for some j. But where do...
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    Schools Do you guys work while attending University?

    I've worked all four years. Loved it too. Felt that I did much better in classes. I am the type of person who always has to have his hands into something, call me crazy. What you need to do is to get one job and see how it effects you. If your grades and such drop, drop the job.
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    Gambling Strategy

    Y=30x+26 It is just simple algebra I believe.
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    Finding the pattern

    Do you honestly think I have not tried that. Give me some credit. :devil:
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    Finding the pattern

    well, this is a summation problem. it is the summation of 1/n(n+1) equals "what." the "what" is what i'm supposed to find. the 1/n(n+1) is already given for the one side of the equation, i need to find what the summation is also equal to.
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    Finding the pattern

    Is there anyone who can help me? I need to find a pattern in these numbers: 1/2, 1/6, 1/12, 1/20, 1/30, 1/42, 1/56. Now, I know just by looking at the denominators, if I could only work with those, I could use the formula: 2n+a_n_1. But I have that fraction, so it's all screwy. Anyone see...
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    Product notation

    Ok, so on the outside of the product, I would have k^k=product a_i? I have another question that just blows my mind: The product is the same, but it reads ia_i. There is no k in the question, how am I to write this in terms of k?!?!
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    Product notation

    I have a quick question. In my book, there is a question that says to express each of the following products in terms of \prod_{n=1}^\k\a{i}, where k is constant. Now, my question is this: \prod_{n=1}^\k\ka_i. Would i just pull the k out becuase it is only a constant and move that to in...
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    Increasing fuel efficiency?

    I do not know where you are driving, but if you are in a line of traffic, turn the truck off. Sitting idle will waste more gas than turning the truck off and firing it back up. If you have A/C, it is actually better to drive with the windows up on those long drives. The "wind tunnel" that the...
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    News Something's gotta give - Gasoline Prices

    I feel that "only the strong survive" applies in this gas mess. If you can afford gas, you will buy it, no matter how much it is per gallon. If you cannot afford, don't buy it. The people who have the SUV will ultimately buy the gas because of these two reasons (in my eyes): 1. They need the...
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    Precalculus syllabus

    My precalc also introduced product and chain rules. All of your items you have listed seems to be just like my precalc class. (long time ago.)
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    Advice for prospective physics students?

    Hey, I'm just letting you know. Sue me.
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    Programs Reputation for Math Major

    Main Campus or one of it's 1000 (haha not literally) branch campuses?
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    Advice for prospective physics students?

    Now this may sound weird... but in PA most physicists who do NOT put the Dr. in front of their name are getting hired than the people who have the Dr. in front. From what I have heard through a looong grapewine, some employers simply do not want to pay a doctor. Even people with the doctorate...
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    Schools Do you think the ugrad school I attend for physics is going to hold me back?

    Your grad school will more than likely look at your transcript, not at the university where your transcripts were printed. You make the grades, the school doesn't make them for you. I know many of my friends graduated the university that I currently attend, and they have been accepted into...
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    The power of 7

    One man it reads, so I'll say ONE.
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    Ain't No Proof By Contradiction

    Proof by contradiction? This useful technique assisted me in all of my proofs classes while in college. To me, using a proof by contradiction is great. You set the proof up for contradiction and soon the proof comes tumbling down... :biggrin:
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    Explanations Please

    shutdown! everyone makes mistakes that is why pencils have erasers. how do you expect to learn material without trying it?
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    Potato gun

    SelmerSaxMan, have you ever seen/used/shot a potato gun? If not, and you decide to make one, they are one bad ace. :biggrin: Can anyone else vouge for this?
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    Quick question regarding Fermat

    thank you thank you all. by using this i can figure out the other five problems.
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    Quick question regarding Fermat

    I have a question regarding mods and Fermat's Little Theorem. I know Fermat's little theorem states that a^p-1 congruent to 1 (mod p). Also, i know that for every interger a we have that a^p congruent to a (mod p). So, my question is: What is the answer for 3^302 (mod 5)? Would it be 3^301...
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    Pythagorean Triples

    the wording is correct.
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    Pythagorean Triples

    Prove that every Pythagorean triple is of the form 3k, 4k, 5k. Could I say that 3k = x = 2st, 4k = y = t^2-s^2, and 5k = z = t^2 + s^2? those are the definitions of the pythagorean triple correct? can anyone say yea or nay? if nay, how can i make it correct?
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    Proving with GCD and LCM

    Let a, b, and c be positive integers. I need to prove two items... 1. abc = GCD(a,b,c) * LCM(ab,bc,ac) 2. abc = GCD(ab,ac,bc) * LCM(a,b,c) where the GCD is the Greatest Common Divisor and the LCM is the Least Common Multiple. Could I go ahead and say that (a,b,c)=1, that...
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    Fundamental Thm of Arithemetic

    Wow, it has been awhile! China has been fun, but now it is time to get back to the states and also math work! Here is a problem that has been giving me some problems. It reads: \prod from i=1 to n, pi^ai for each i is the canonical representation of a, deduce a formula for the sum of...
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    Future Teacher

    thanks a lot. i see by reading it that division by polynomials is useless sometimes, but in mathematics, don't we need to look and find ways why it "doesn't" work? also, i feel that there is no need to post anything new, becuase towards the end of the post, it is very true. most of the...
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    Future Teacher

    I am an aspiring secondary mathematics teacher here in the states. what i want to know is are there any posts/discussions on things that deal with the classroom? i am putting this post here, since this is HW help K-12. can anyone tell me? also, does anyone here belong to NCTM (National...