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  1. Tungamirai

    What happens if you flip an infinite heads and tails coin?

    What happens if you flip a coin with infinite heads and infinite tails? I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question, or if my question even makes sense! just thought about it after reading about the simulation argument
  2. Tungamirai

    Pheromones and humans

    do humans produce pheromones
  3. Tungamirai

    Africans and running

    why are people of African decent good at running long and short distances?
  4. Tungamirai

    Suicide and Evolution

    Do other animals besides humans commit suicide and what is the evolutionary benefit(s) for a species that has members that commit suicide, basically what advantages does a suicidal species have over one that is not
  5. Tungamirai

    Programming language and artificial intelligence

    What programming language is used when creating artificial intelligence.
  6. Tungamirai

    Race and society

    Why are biracial people who have one African parent or decadent always considered black. why does black seem to override all other races
  7. Tungamirai

    Medical Born blind

    Do people who are born blind, see in their dreams. if they do do they see in color ?
  8. Tungamirai

    Universe contained in another universe

    Can our universe be contained in another universe , can our universe contain another universe , basically can universes contain or be contained in other universes,
  9. Tungamirai

    Create life

    Is it possible to create life by subjecting pure elements to the right conditions , basically can u create life out of nothing but atoms/molecules