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    Some advices about studies

    good subjects that you can go for is Aerospace engineering, and aerospace materials, new materials research and material engineering research . this website can give u a good idea about nice subjects in mechanical engineering, I am from continuing my master degree in Leicester university...
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    Conservation of flow in a pump

    check this CFD simulation it is cool :p I found it online , sorry if this is out of topic, but I like the abstract of this document , it could be a nice thesis
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    Ventaliation Fluid Dynamics

    this is a tutorial how to use Solidworks for flow simulation, dont forget to subscribe :D
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    Air flow rate thru mesh/net/screen

    the keyword for such type of flow is : flow through porous media, you will be able to find a lot of papers talking about this topic and you can find what you are looking for in ASHRAE I bet. for more information in fluid mechanics visit:
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    Ventaliation Fluid Dynamics

    mathematically speaking in order to study such a simulation you need a CFD simulation using LES model for better expectations or you can make the design theoretically without getting into details using Bernoulli's equation and Darcy Weisbach equations, for more information on ventilation design...
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    What is the best 3d CAD software?

    Solidworks is the best software that enables you to interact with your 3D mechanical drawing or design, it gives you the opportunity to study some material engineering aspects as buckling, stresses using some finite elements capabilities and at the same time you can have some CFD simulations as...
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    Good fluid mechanics book?

    Hello, if you need something really useful in fluid mechanical engineering and thermal engineering, you can check my website, it contain a small library of different subjects only in mechanical engineering: [Broken] [Broken]
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    Pipe Pressure from discharge in Tank

    bro I think the formula is applicable indeed, anyway if you want help in such fluid dynamics or static problem visit this webpage it explains it all : [Broken]
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    Pascal triangle?

    if we toss 4 coins and we want to know the probability of having 3 heads we can easily calculate that using pascal triangle . I want to know if we have an Urn that contain 3 balls : 1 black , 1 red, 1 yellow. and we want to draw 3 balls , but when we draw the first ball we put it back in the...
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    Newton–Raphson method - Finite difference method

    Take a look at this I dont know if it can help you : [PLAIN][/URL]
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    How this could happens ?

    you can increase the Mass flor rate of the system with the same pump used in the following scenarios: -1-remove a partition of your pipe , the friction loss will decrease and the flow rate will increase -2-in a building let all your neighbour close their faucets and open yours you will...
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    Information for a beginner in mechanical engineering

    which field in mechanical engineering right now is in high demand ? -Renewable Energy: *Solar energy *Geothermal energy
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    Pipe Design - One Inlet, 3 Outlets

    One of the best ways to calculate complicated pipe networks is to use Newton-Raphson method >> [Broken] this will help you hopefully .
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    Fluid Dynamics Confusion

    Dear Trigger32 the best way to learn is to teach yourself through Easy-learning documents and it is for your best if you print the documents and not read them online, I will give you this link that will help you in fluid mechanics and solving your problem.
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    Suggest some good books

    Fluid mechanics I recommend this book : Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, by Munson, Young, and Okiishi. and if you wish to get some online lectures in fluid mechanics visit this website: [Broken] , as for applications and free fluid mechanical softwares...
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    Infinity question

    why it is a yes in a closed universe ? , wouldnt you reach the boundary of space ??
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    Nuclear Equation Question

    well U-->Th + He means that it is decaying into 2 new elements I think it is logical .!?
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    What is this?

    isnt that a pulsar ?
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    What is energy

    Koss I think you found the right conclusion !!
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    What's smaller than an atom? (Sub-Atomic?)

    yes quraks are smaller thn atom they are even smaller thn the proton itself that is one of the element that form the atom
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    What's smaller than an atom? (Sub-Atomic?)

    can I ask you though why you're asking ?
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    What's smaller than an atom? (Sub-Atomic?)

    According to einestein theory of general relativity the simplest form is energy where matter or mass is somehow condensed energy and there are some theories that try to explain how small we can go like string theory but it is not proven yet I guess.
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    What's smaller than an atom? (Sub-Atomic?)

    nasgath , subatomic level is everything that is concerned about the elementary particles that constitute an atom , for example , quarks that constitute the proton in th nucleus and the gluons as the force that attract the quarks to each other in a certain way that prevent the protons from being...
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    Tidal force

    Thank you guys.
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    In a closed system does pressure vary with elevation?

    the pressure at the highest point would be low relatively to the lowest one when the water is flowing, but as spectracat said they are balanced cause when you want to calculate the whole pressure loss in the pipe you will add the friction loss + the loss due to height - the assistance of gravity...
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    What is energy

    jjbladester I think by asking what is energy in its deepest definition you are pointing at a philosophical definition and perhaps for some metaphysical ... I agree with one of the users who said: energy is the capacity of doing work, well the secret is how this claimed capacity can be...
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    How to make clear ice.clear ice

    well if your glass of ice is subjected to the slightest temprature difference microscopic cracks will form due to heat stresses and I assure you it wont be clear at all.
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    Can someone help with this

    I would recomend you to check this page out : [Broken] it explains all the procedures you should take to solve what you are asking for.
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    Forum for lens design?

    what kind of lens you are looking for ? you would check this out :