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    Rotating multiple objects around an axle?

    I'm looking for a way to rotate blocks. There is a single axle going through the blocks.. say there are a dozen of them. I am trying to figure out a way to rotate each block individually to one of the 4 sides based on different inputs. I am also trying to accomplish this with a single motor...
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    Wrapping Function

    Homework Statement A particle moves with constant speed in a circle with a radius of 5m in a counter-clockwise direction. It makes 1 revolution every 16 seconds. What is the average velocity for 1/4 revolution? 5/4 revolutions? Homework Equations Wrapping Function: W = (cos t, sin t)...
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    Derivation Using Limits

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of the function f(x) = sqrt(x). (Bear in mind that cannot use the power rule or anything like it. I must use limh->0.) Homework Equations limh->0 (f(x+h) - f(x))/h The Attempt at a Solution I'm getting hung up on expanding out the...
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    Cool Physical Phenomena Objects?

    Ya know, rare earth magnets and crap like that. Anybody know of some other cool things to have sitting around the house?
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    Range of a Function

    Homework Statement Find the range of h Homework Equations h(x) = sqrt(25 + (x - 3)2) The Attempt at a Solution I factored out the (x-3)2 and simplified to get sqrt(x2 - 6x + 34) I was trying to figure out the domain first, knowing that x2 - 6x >= -34 in order for the...
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    Should I even attempt becoming a physics prof?

    This is the one occupation that I'm sure I would love, but the more I read on it, the more impossible it seems that I will land a tenured university position. I'm a 1st year student at Michigan State and have a 3.9 at the moment. I imagine I'll end up in the 3.75+ area after my physics...
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    Aiming my dob I have the Sky-Watcher 10" dob (got it for xmas). All around, it's a great scope for the cost, and produces some very crisp visuals of surprisingly distant objects... when it can center on them. I find myself having to constantly aim higher than the object so my telescope will "fall"...
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    Favorite music?

    What are some of you guys' favorite artists/bands? Just wondering =) I'm a big Tool fan, anyone else?
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    Most physics-ey engineering discipline

    Which fields of engineering involve the most physics. I'm a physics major at the moment, but after seeing how ridiculous it is to land a tenure position at a university, I'm considering switching to engineering. What do you guys suggest for a physics/math buff?
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    My second math wind

    Up until middle school.. math was my thing. I wouldn't say I "enjoyed" it, but it definitely came naturally. My teacher even forced me to do math counts in 7th and 8th grade. We had a grad student as our coach and he always tried to get me into math, and, for whatever reason, I just really...
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    Is gravitational attraction finite?

    Is there a distance where the curvature in spacetime created by an object's mass ends? Is it a finite gravity well or does the curvature just get infinitely weaker?
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    Stargazing My New Telescope

    A while back, I posted here asking for telescope recommendations. After many members advised getting a dob," [Broken] is what I went with. I love this scope. Seems very well put together and can capture some pretty amazing...
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    The Big Bang!

    I know the topic is incredibly original, but I was just curious as to how many people genuinely accept this as a feasible explanation for the creation of the universe. Personally.. I think (at least for a long time) that there is no way of knowing. I don't like how mainstream this theory has...
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    Stargazing Telescope Recommendations Anyone?

    I'm a freshmen in college (currently undecided on my major) and am seriously considering an undergrad in physics with the intention of going to graduate school for astronomy. But before I get serious about it, and with Christmas on the way, I want to get a decent telescope. I'd say my possible...