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    Made Someone Cry

    I'm glad you were able to work it out. Learn from it, and move on, that's my advice!
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    Made Someone Cry

    I was in a similar situation at work. A colleague was consistently direspectful to me and I put up with it. Finally I couldn't take it any longer and yelled at him in front of other colleagues and made some hurtful remarks. Later I apologized to him for yelling at him in public. I did not...
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    I would like to avoid working ridiculously long hours.

    As an electrical engineer I work 40 hour weeks occasionally, 60 hour weeks most of the time, and 70-80 hour weeks occasionally. I do not see this as being especially strenuous and many of my colleagues work similar hours. I enjoy my job. I do not have kids, but many of my colleagues do, and work...
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    Should I become an engineer?

    You are in precalculus which introduces many new concepts such as functions and logarithms. The fact that you are struggling with precalculus now doesn't mean much. It may just mean that you are encountering a lot of new concepts. It is quite possible that by the time you get to calculus or...
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    Engineering Fearing possible disillusionment with Engineering jobs, question for engineers.

    To the OP: I've only worked as an engineer for a little over a year, and in many ways I am that engineer that works on a little box that is then used to make some air conditioner. To be honest, I find my job exciting. For example, there is a lot of time pressure most of the time. I thought I...
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    EE switching into Pure Math

    OP: I majored in EE and let me tell you, certain sub-fields of EE can be quite math-heavy (such as signal processing) and if one was to get their PhD in signal processing, one may even have to take graduate-level math classes (I know this from a friend who did it). So some EE's who are...
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    Are mathematicians born not made?

    If you are of at average to above average intelligence, and of above average motivation, you will most likely successfully complete a mathematics degree. No one can determine if you will contribute anything meaningful to mathematics or not until your mathematics career is over. I mean, 10...
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    How can i know if i am good enough for EE?

    You do not need to have done electronics or programming before starting to study EE. You do not need to know anything about construction before starting to study civil engineering. Many people do not even realize they are interested in engineering until they are 20, 25, 30, or older...
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    Being a happy undergrad

    One needs to weigh short term happiness with long-term happiness. Perhaps taking easier classes will decrease your stress level and leave you more time for "fun" activities, but will also put you further away from achieving your desired level of competence in a subject. I find this article...
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    Other Should I Become an Engineer?

    It's definitely possible, but how do you know you will like engineering? Not trying to discourage you, just pointing out that there are other jobs you could probably go into that you would enjoy, without having to go back to school for an engineering degree. Why are you sure engineering is the...
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    Engineering How are Engineering jobs?

    Engineering jobs can be boring sometimes, but what jobs aren't? Keep in mind that at an internship, you are there temporarily, so you may feel less invested in the workplace and may have a harder time seeing your job as "important" than if you worked there fulltime. There are less women...
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    Engineering Women in Engineering and Computer Science

    I think you're missing my point. I enjoy my job and don't find these things unreasonably difficult. That's why I think I am just as able to do my job as a man. Except for the "heavy lifting", which we have discussed already.
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    Engineering Women in Engineering and Computer Science

    I answered your question above. However- just because a company should disallow certain practices or conditions doesn't mean they do. Even if they are "illegal". Regulation agencies such as OSHA don't come in every day checking up on workplace conditions and practices.
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    Engineering Women in Engineering and Computer Science

    The "heavy objects"- for example, we use these DC power supplies that are about 50-60 lbs. No, there's no way I can lift that over my head. The "hours of physical labor" refers to wiring and installing items such as these DC power supplies for 8+ hours a day when the workflow of the company...
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    Engineering Women in Engineering and Computer Science

    I'm a female engineer in an area that often involves high voltages, hands-on dirty work and days of physical labor. Sometimes I have trouble lifting a heavy object by myself and ask a male colleague to help. Equally often, a male colleague who is old and has poor eyesight asks me to decipher a...
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    Programs Besides the mathematics, how hard is an engineering degree?

    It is hard, but manageable. Think of the sheer number of students who get engineering degrees every year. A better question is, how hard is it to get a GPA of, say, 3.5 in your engineering degree? One could technically get a C in every class, graduate, then still find an engineering job...
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    Courses What is a good course load for PE?

    Four medium-to-difficult classes a semester, or 4 medium difficulty classes and 1 easy class. This is what was typical at my school for engineering majors. What's "difficult" for you varies depending on the person.
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    Programs Probability from EE or Pure Math department? EE major

    Ask other students from the EE department. I was in the same situation at my school, and turns out that the EE probability class covered more material and was harder than the math probability class. This was because the EE one had to cover certain topics/standards set by ABET, while the math one...
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    Should I stick it out in EE with weak-ish math?

    Oil circuit breakers can be used for very high voltages. See this: There is definitely the issue of flammability. FYI I've never used one myself.
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    I need some academic advice

    Does your school offer a class in pre-calculus, or maybe there is a local community college you can take it at? What's bad is when high school kids don't learn how to do graphing, solving equations, or trigonometry by hand, instead relying on a graphing calculator. Once one fully understands...
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    Should I stick it out in EE with weak-ish math?

    I agree. It not only depends on the sub-field, but also on the type of career the OP is interested in. Some electrical engineers will not use anything beyond arithmetic and basic algebra, some will get PhD's in signal processing which is a very math-intensive field.
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    Should I stick it out in EE with weak-ish math?

    I just have an undergrad in EE so can't really help there. However, you need to keep in mind there are many reasons why this professor found it so hard. Did he have inadequate high school preparation? Was it hard for him to develop good study habits? You really can't draw any conclusions...
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    Should I stick it out in EE with weak-ish math?

    As a practicing EE, IMO psparky gave the OP 50% of EE *that you will use on the job*, but about 10% of the EE they will expect you to know at school.
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    Schools Extracurriculars for science majors (to help get in grad school) ?

    The fact that you want to go to engineering grad school, but are a physics major, is probably a bigger issue than what your extracurriculars are. If there is any way to switch to an engineering major at your school? Or is that not an option? However, if you remain a physics major, I definitely...
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    Senior thesis, or finish work on REU project?

    My experience was different from eri's. I did an REU the summer after my junior year (it was in the field of electrical engineering) and got a publication out of it. I think it is quite possible to both write a paper for publishing and work on a senior thesis project. What happened in my case...
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    Programs Which engineering degree that makes a difference

    Chemical Engineering will probably overlap the most with pre-med requirements such as chemistry. As to which engineering major makes the biggest difference in people's lives/society, I think they all do to some extent. For example, civil engineers help design infrastructure such as bridges and...
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    Rejected from all REUs, worried about the implications

    To the OP: Obviously I don't know you, but I know when I was a sophomore I was not at all ready to do an REU. Most sophomores simply have not taken enough advanced classes so do any meaningful work at an REU. That's why juniors are preferred over sophomores for REUs. I did an REU after my junior...
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    Chemical, material, or electrical engineering?

    You also need to consider where you want to work. Some cities and regions may have more industries that relate to, say, electrical. Some may have a lot of jobs in materials. For example, say you studied naval architecture. There would probably be more jobs available to you on the coast, like...
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    Programs Debt vs. Longer time to get degree

    The thing is, you also have to weigh in your personality/preferred lifestyle. Some people would lose all motivation to graduate college if they spread it out over 5+ years, in which case maybe incurring debt is a better choice for them. Some people, like me, found part-time work during school to...
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    Cyber School?

    By "hands-on labs" I meant the labs students usually take for college classes such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science. I took 4 labs during my 1st year of college and they were a big part of my science education. However, this may not be the case for everybody. For example, if the...