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    I'm Living in the Astronomy Section

    Having seen the horrors of long times between posts, and the starving databanks ready for more information, I am officially moving to the astronomy section. My experience may be questioned, but I can assure you that I do know a lot about Space in general, even though my AstroPhysics is...
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    Good Text Based RPG

    I play this game pretty much every day: It's called Unification Wars. It takes place in the future, where hyperspace has been discovered. You fight other empires for planets, which produce goods per turn, and from that you make money. The good thing is that you never loose money though. Here...
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    Factorial Sum

    Here is a sum from MATHCOUNTS: What are the last two digits in the sum of the factorials of the first 100 positive integers? From 1! to 4! you can add the units digits, since 5! to ... have 0 in their units place. From that I get 13, and I carry over the 1 over to the next column and...
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    Fundamentals of Physics: Fifth Edition

    Fundementals of Physics: Fifth Edition I'm in the 8th grade and have got my hands on a book called Fundementals of Physics: Fifth Edition By Halliday, Walker, and Resnick Published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. I right now have the first and second volumes, and by the way, I got it...
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    Oddest Computer Ever

    I got this desktop PC from Dell about 4 years ago, and here are the stats: 1 GB RAM (Used to be 256MB) 2.33 Gig Pentium 4 (Probably the best at that time) NVidia GeForce 420MX (The worst GC ever) Is my comp pretty mismatched, or is it ok? Thx
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    Signatures + Avatars

    Well... I can't find how to add a signature and an avatar, which makes me mad.. Can you guys please help me? Thanks
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    Good Science Books

    The other day at my library, I picked up a book by Ben Bova, which was called Jupiter, and since I finished it that same day, I went back and got his whole collection of books, or at least what the library had. I'm hoping to create this section for a place to list good authors of good sf books...
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    Da Physcist Comebacks

    Tired of not being able to come up with a good comeback? Look no further than this post (once we have a good number of comebacks) . Below, please post a good scientific comeback. For example, I'll post mine: Yo mama is so dumb, she believes in the luminous aether.
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    Schools Alternatives to taking Physics in High School

    I am in the eight grade, and I am wondering whether I should take Physics in High School (HS) next year, or study over the summer and take the AP exam to get out of it. Please note that my grades in my science class (Integrated Physics and Chemistry or just I.P.C) over the last 2 grading...
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    Probability in Physics

    The other day, a question popped in my head about how we use probability in physics (not limited to classical), since it is my weakest subject, and since I will be applying my math knowledge to physics, I don't want to study anything that won't be necessary. Thanks for any replies.
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    Good Sci Fi books

    I'm looking for any good Sci Fi books to read in my summer vacation. Here are a few suggestions for books for anyone else: Ben Bova ( is a good authoer whose books seem really good. I would reccommend (I cant spell) Powersat to start off with though and then the other books...
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    News Republican-Democrat Cycle

    I recently emigrated to the US, and was doing some research in school when I realized the cycle of Republicans and Democrats. A Republican comes into office and offers tax breaks, which raises his public repuatation, while at the same time affecting the economy effectively. Then a Democrat...
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    Best Way to Proceed

    Hello, I am a 13 year old who is going to enter 8th grade soon. I would like to study physics, but I was wondering which is the best way to go. My math base is very stong (Pre-Cal) and I would like to move on to finding proofs for common physics equations. Thanks.