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  1. larrybud

    Please help me identify this electronic component in Camera

    I have a Casio FH-20 camera. I tried looking for a schematic to no avail. Everything in the camera works fine except that it will no longer remember the date/time when the batteries are removed. I figured there was a lithium battery in the camera that went dead (it's about 8 years old, I...
  2. larrybud

    Lightning strike blew out odd pieces in my house

    Last Wednesday we had a thunderstorm in this mid April in Michigan. While I was in my bedroom, a lightning bolt hit QUITE close to my house. Had to be < 100 feet. Subsequently, I discovered a number of odd pieces of my electronics had gone bad: 1) HDMI port in my Comcast DVR, yet the...
  3. larrybud

    Help me choose a linear solenoid

    Hi all, I'm building a tennis ball launcher for my dogs, and was successful in building a spring loaded one with a "whacker bar" that rotated on a pin. A wiper motor turned the bar until the bar got to the half way point around the pivot, then the spring would pull the bar, hit the ball, and...
  4. larrybud

    Could an all water planet theorhetically exist?

    Title says it all. Could a planet exist which is completely liquid water? How about an ice core and water surface?
  5. larrybud

    Zicam: Zinc based cold remedy

    Surprised I only found a couple of messages about Zicam, the Zinc based "cold remedy". The idea is that the zinc shortens the life of the cold virus. They don't make any claims like a "cure for the common cold".