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    Got Halo 2?

    or getting it. I am but I'll be damned if I let it destroy my focus on school. In part that's probably why Halo 2 and Chessmaster are the only games I will be playing the rest of this year and far into 2k5 maybe. Sad really when a video game is threatening to take my focus. What happened to...
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    News What is the Faith?

    I heard that's what won the election for Bush. What exactly do these people that voted for him have faith in? God Pro-life No to same sex marriage what else?
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    News Useless youth

    Kerry should of had Britney Spears as VP.
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    Hip Hop Fans

    You could always get De La's greatest hits. I like Blackilicious is real good. The quannam guys are good. Mos Def and Talib have new one's out. I like Mos Def alot.
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    Hip Hop Fans

    The new De La Soul is good as well
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    I've dumped video games for physics

    LOL, it's possible but highly unlikely. :biggrin:
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    Can I do drugs and still do well?

    Why the heck is your life too depressing?
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    Getting high

    Unless the ten foot pole is a pipe
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    Whats your major?

    Haha, I just got liquid swords a couple a days ago.
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    Whats your major?

    Wow, I'm impressed. How the heck do you all manage your time?
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    I've dumped video games for physics

    Also, Tatum. I would recommend something to you. Every once in awhile, maybe once or twice a week, attempt a very difficult problem Thanks. It's funny because I was going to post a physics problem I was having trouble with but now I think I'll just think about it and go over it again.
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    I've dumped video games for physics

    I've dumped video games for physics.... and chemistry and calculus. Basically I'm concentrating on school and surprisingly having fun with this stuff. Especially Physics. Isn't that cool? :smile:
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    Whites only scholarship

    I agree that affirmative action needs to be altered. Plenty of blacks were able to graduate from college and do well pre affirmative action. But why are there scholarships for blacks in the first place? Wouldn't the time between slavery and the civil rights movement be affirmative action for...
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    Breathalizer machines to be installed at midwest bars.

    "DUI's bring in huge fees and fines because people most likely will continue to drink and if breath tests were installed in most bars (which they can't be that expensive, especially if they are mass marketed), would it eventually hurt the local government collecting these fines?"...
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    Dihydrogen Monoxide, the cause of all the world's problems

    NO!!!! I've been consuming this product for practically all my life. I feel so ashamed, at times when I've played sports, I've taken large doses of the dreaded Dihydrogen monoxide. To think I've been fooled all these years. I'm sorry Mama, your boy is an addict.
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    The notorious cult of Al-gebra

    Bush better not use this in his campaign to be re-elected because the exponents of these variables is very wide spread. I wonder if they will start tapping my phone because I've known how to simplify for years.
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    Mr. Stinky reaches new heights

    Stench by Calvin Klein ..... for the one you'd love to get rid of for eternity.
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    What are you studying and why?

    My mind wants to be curious so I have to go along with it. I'm studying chemsitry, specifically, chemical thermodynamics. I want to be a chemical engineer so must go threw this "mental beatdown" and learn all these things. I'm also trying to study the patterns of the Dragon boss in Ninja...
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    By the way

    I never trusted meatballs;I always stick with cheeseballs myself. They are easier for me to digest.