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    PET PEEVES! wHaT dRiVeS yOu NuTs?

    People who leave dirty dishes outside of the kitchen. People who drive under the speed limit. That person at the store who cuts in front of you at the checkout with a cartload of crap when all you have is 2 items. The person in the movie theatre who laughs at jokes that arent funny.
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    What is your opinion on cannabis?

    or you could have stupid people that are also agressive due to alcohol intoxication. Ever been to Iowa?
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    Return Of The King

    Finally the year long wait is over! It has been getting excellent early reviews (not that it wasnt expected). Anybody going to the LOTR trilogy marathon tonite? I would be going if I didnt have a damn philosophy final tommorrow morning. O well, I still bought tickets for wed, thurs, and fri.
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    Proof that free will exists

    I tend to look at "free will" like this. If i have this will, the decision to will this will was brought upon another will that caused the initial will that I first had to happen. Therefore, the choice I make based upon this will I have was determined in advance by another will that willed...
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    New Ideas

    What is better the Truth or un-Truth? As Nietzsche points out in his writings it is the answer to these kinds of questions that "new" philosophers will be trying to figure out, thus maybe we should be trying to figure out and get some "new ideas". Why is Good better than Bad. Is world order...
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    Nietzsche Quote

    thanks adrenaline
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    Nietzsche Quote

    "Woman was God's second mistake." Does anyone know what work of Nietzshe's this quote is from?
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    What Do You Do If ?

    Id send it where my grandpa is, the old folks home. What would you do if you woke up as President Bush?