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    Programs Doubts about a master degree after Computer Engineering

    Hi everyone, this year i'll get my Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, i have some doubts about the master course to get; actually my university offers these courses in accordance with my Bachelor Degree: (i'll write only those who catched my interest) - Computer Engineering ...
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    Computational Physics vs Computational Engineering

    Hi everyone, next year i will finish my Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, since physics is my passion , i was a little bit in doubt to which course to choose in order to become a physicist. My doubt is about these courses: - Photonics Engineering (from electronics eng. department)...
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    Small Signal Model for transistors

    Hi everyone, at my university (Computer engineering) we are studying the small signal model, but i didn't understand the practical application, i mean, why and when should it be used ? For example at home i usually make electronics circuits, so i wanted to know how can i use the small signal...
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    Engineering Fields, controls engineering and photonics

    Hi everyone, next year i'll get a Bachelor in Computer Engineering , then i should choose a Master course... I really like electronics, electronics projects, robotics and controls, physics and photonics. The doubt is that in my university there are masters (relatively to my interests) in : -...
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    Engineering Physics

    Hi everyone, i heard about this course, but what are engineering physicists? I saw that in every educational curriculum, they have usually training in photonics or in materials science... In my university there is a Msc called "Engineering Photonics" from the electronics department, do you...
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    General physics main equations

    Hi everyone, i I was reading a physics book, (calculus based), and i resumed all the equations (almost I think) with two equations: x(t)=x(starting) + ∫v(t)dt v(t)=v(starting) + ∫a(t)dt .. etc... i want to know if there is a list of these general equations, physics general formulas...
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    Stability of two systems in series (Controls Engineering)

    Hi everyone, one my textbook there is written (if two system blocks are asintotically stable and are in series, their product will be asintotically stable), but I've heard that sometimes the transfer function of the controller could be not asintotically stable in some cases (see p.i.p...
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    Nyquist Plot Intersection with Real Axes

    Hi everyone, i'm real confused and stucked about a point in applying Nyquist stability criterion... now i'll explain why. I know that it's needed to know how many times i'm wrapping the nyquist critical point (-1;0) with my plot, and i'm enough good to draw by hand a nyquist plot, but the...
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    Transfer Function of an unknown device

    Hi everyone, in the last times, I'm really interested in controls engineering, and I wanted toknow how to find transfer functions of devices, or systems in the real world, let me explain better, for example, in my house i have various dc motors, and stepper motors, since i want to make an...
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    Engineering Engineering and Applied Physics

    Hi everyone, i was asking myself , can engineers be considered applied physicist ?
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    Op-Amp with a bipole between the two inputs

    Hi everyone, how should I manage to make the analysis of an op-amp when there is something between Vn and Vp,, for example my teacher gave me an exercise where between Vp and Vn there is a Current generator, how should such op-amp circuit should be treated, and how do you think and reason when...
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    Engineering Controls Engineering and Physics

    Hi everyone! I'm a Computer Engineering student, and for the Master Degree i think i would like to proceed my career in Controls Engineering, because i really like the subject, anyway my interests are aerospace, robotics and physics, do you think a controls engineer can have a significant career...
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    Multimeter (VOM) Design in Electronics Engineering

    Homework Statement The statement is this one... (from the horowitz "The Art of Elctronics") Homework Equations How should I proceed, i really didn't understand how this VOM works, i mean, i understood, that there a max scale...
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    Best books of calculus based physics

    Hi everyone, I just bought Physics for Scientists and Engineers 8th ed by serway and jewett, is it a good textbook for calculus based physics since i'm a student of physics at university ? Which is the best calculus based physics textbook ? I'm a student who wants to master even the proofs...
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    Desperate about Nyquist Diagrams

    Hi everyone! I searched all over the web and nobody/nothing gives a good explanation on how to plot nyquist diagrams... can somebody help with these ? I can't go forward in my study of control engineering without knowing these and i'm stucked... How are nyquist diagrams plotted starting from...
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    Inertia matrix

    hi everyone! i'm very confused about inertia matrix... i searched all over the web but didn't find a concise explanation of why it is useful to use it. What's used for ? When should i use it ? the wikipedia explanation is too formal and it's difficult for me to understand... so can somebody...
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    Definition of electrical branch

    Hi everyone! I wanted to know why in the circuit analysis a generator doesn't represent an electrical branch? And the second question is if two resistors are in series on a wire, does it represents only a branch(the series of the resistance) or two branches ?
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    Maximum height acceleration

    Hi everyone! If i know that acceleration is the derivative of the velocity, why when i throw an object in the air when the object reaches the maximum height its velocity is 0 m/s and its acceleration is still -9.8 m/s^2 ? I mean, the derivative of 0 m/s is not -g but still 0. Who can explain...
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    Best choice of KVL and KCL in a circuit

    Hi everyone! Since this is very confusing for me, i wanted to know what is the best choice to take in choosing the kvl and kcl. The questions are ? How many KVL and KCL i should take ?? ( best number, without redundance) And is there a way to see if a kvl or kcl is linear dependent on...
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    Rounding Doubt

    Hi everyone, i didn't understand how to round up a number when i'm having a five, for example if i have a number with the last digit greater than 5 like 12.76 i know that i can round up to 12.8 and if the last digit is less than 5 for example 12.74 i know that i can round up like this 12.7...
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    I wanted to know how it is determined uncertainty

    Hi everyone! I wanted to know how it is determined uncertainty ? i watched some lesson but i didn't understand if it is a variable chosen from who is making the measure of that depends on the tool that i use for the measure ?
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    Significant Figures

    Hi everyone, i have a doubt about significant figures, on a book I read this: "When multiplying several quantities, the number of significant figures in the final answer is the same as the number of significant figures in the quantity having the lowest number of significant figures. The...
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    Conservation of the quantity of motion and of the momentum of the quantity of motion

    Hi everyone! I need some examples about Conservation of the quantity of motion and of the momentum of the quantity of motion to verify that these physical quantities are conserved in isolated environment. Sorry for my bad english
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    Engineering Fields

    Which is the engineering field more close to physics ? I heard about engineering physics... And even about photonics engineering, are experts in these fields to be considered even physicists ?
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    Position of the planets

    Hi everyone! I was wandering how can i find out which is the position of a planet relative to sun, in our solar system using the math?
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    Nuclear Engineering

    Can a nuclear engineer consider himself even a nuclear physicist or an expert in nuclear physics ? Are there some works in the aerospace industry for a nuclear engineer or an energy engineer ?
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    Inertial Forces

    Hi everyone ! Which are the major properties of inertial forces ?
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    Angular moment

    Hi everyone! Which is the formula and the proof of the projection of the angular momentum of a rigid body along the rotation axis? I searched on the web and on my mechanics book but cannot find anything... does somebody know this curiosity ?
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    Weight Force

    Is the weight force an apparent force ? Sorry but on the web i can't find anything. For example if i should think about a man that is on a rotating plate,what are the apparent force ? I think surely the centrifugal force but should i consider even the wight force of the man ?
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    Second Law of Dynamics

    Hi everyone! I saw in an old exam of physics : "Write and comment the second law of dynamics." And i was thinking, I know a lot about it and if i had to answer it i would have made some examples, but when he asks me to comment it ? What should i have to say ? In sense, what do you think are...