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    Does love last just 1 year?

    Is love so short? ROME (Reuters) - Your heartbeat accelerates, you have butterflies in the stomach, you feel euphoric and a bit silly. It's all part of falling passionately in love -- and scientists now tell us the feeling won't last more than a year. ADVERTISEMENT The powerful emotions that...
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    God the Evidence - The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason in a Postsecular World I know it is not a science book only and maybe there is not too much to discuss here, but I just wanted to know if anybody has read it. If you have, would you share your opinion please. :)
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    Definition of Love

    I know there is no some definition of it, but I just wanted to know what you think. If you were asked "What is love?", what would you say? Love is ...
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    Tooth Eruption Theories

    I am looking for some information on Tooth Eruption Theories. Thank you all. :)
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    Famous living scientists about evolution.

    I am not good in Biology and I do not have much knowledge. Also I do not have enough time to search all the topics in this forum concerning evolution. I would ask you to help me find some information (articles/webpages) concering what famous living scientists say about evolution. I am not to...
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    The attraction of light by gravity

    Could you please give me some brief explanation of the attraction of light by gravity. Or maybe some links where I can read something about it. :) Thank you!