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    Likelihood of making a career out of clean energy?

    So, here's the situation: I'm a second-year engineering student at a not-exactly-prestigious school (Wright State University for the morbidly curious), and my current plan is to carry my education all the way through to a Master of Science in Renewable and Clean Energy. Do you really think...
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    Work done lifting a chain

    Homework Statement A chain 40 feet in length and weighing 3 pounds per foot is hanging fully extended from a winch. Find the work done by the winch in winding up 30 feet of the chain. Homework Equations Typical segment of the chain: \Delta y_{i} Weight of typical segment of the...
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    Stupid question about Newton's third law

    OK, first of all, I wasn't really sure where to post this; it's not really homework because we covered the material weeks ago and moved on, leaving me totally in the dark. My physics teacher has this annoying habit of saying something is "ALWAYS true" or "NEVER true" and then beginning the next...