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    No Higgs [at the LHC] - Anthem of a young theoretical physicist.

    Thought some people here might enjoy a little video we made: For context: Everybody involved in this project, in front of and behind the camera, is actually a theoretical physicist. This should obviously be taken as tongue in cheek, and it is not directed against string theory in...
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    Question to the String theorists

    Following up on his recent posting on CV I looked at Tom Banks papers on the archive, and came across hep-th 0412129 (and skimmed 0306074). Most of this argument is quite beyond me but I'd be curious as to what "practicing Stringtheorists" think of them. I generally like the parts of the...
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    Important LQG paper

    This is something I thought I should do if nobody else would by the time I had learned enough to do it: gr-qc/0607068: Title: Dirac Quantization of Parametrized Field Theory Authors: Madhavan Varadarajan Comments: 33 pages Parametrized field theory (PFT) is free field...
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    Livine/Terno Geometry from Information

    There's no discussion of this recent paper yet as far as I can see: Pasting from Marcus' Intuitive content thread: Reconstructing Quantum Geometry from Quantum Information: Area Renormalisation, Coarse-Graining and Entanglement on Spin Networks Etera R...