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    Loading/charge time of an electromagnet

    Hej Guys, Did anyone see anywhere an equation to this? If nothing else then a loading time formula for solenoid would do. Thank you!
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    I Caculate the reaction force of a radially moving object

    Hello, An object moves outward in shaft radially due to centrifugal force. lest say it weights 1kg . in a timestep=0.0001 it travels 0.0017 meters this is actually the difference of two radius, let say first radius r1 = 0.25 meters second r2 = 0.25 + 0.0017 meters rpm of the rotating system...
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    Mechanical question -- Mechanical arm with special constraints

    Here in this case an arm in special constrain. The arm is capable to rotate around the main center if force is applied to the center. The torque practically generated by the force that is pushing Tarm. Tamr rotates and pulls with more or less the same force at the top that horizontal force then...
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    Problem with wheels and arms

    Dear Physics lover friends, I am in the middle of something and I would like to ask a question on how to solve this branch wheeled problem. The yellow lines are the branches, they have one wheels on them and the wheels are on a circular path. I would like to know how much the normal force A...
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    Velocity of the pressure change

    Hej guys, Do you know how to calculate the pressure re balancing time in an underwater container where the liquid were de -pressured by taking very small amount of liquid away (just to have the normal enclosed liquid's gravitational pressure there, without the external water column's...
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    Magnetic field behind superconductors

    Hej Guys, Is there a way to calculate the magnetic field behind a superconductor? I mean the model is like some simple block magnet and a bigger superconductor plate to try to shield the magnetic field. How strong the magnetic field would be above(behind) the SC? B, H is given. Also is the...
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    Calculate power required to operate superconducting magnet

    Dear Friends, The great problem lies in here : I have calculated the power requirement of an electromagnet. That Its huge . To minimize this power requirement I would like to see if its possible with super conducting magnet, but I am having a problem, because the power requirement are so low...
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    Very basic phisics, hydraulics and weights, wrong diagram?

    Hej Guys, I am just wondering. See the picture. If I put 5kg on the right the water lever increases and the new water level on the left should be as much higher as 5kg volume of water. Its so obvious isn't it? So if it is obvious can you please tell me that why it is possible that in a...
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    Calculating torque with buyouant force and hardly definiable arm

    Hej Guy, Here I am again with a question on torque basically. Please see the image below. I have a half tube underwater. The tube have air inside. Now I would like to calculate the torque for this system. As you see the tube will move to a balanced position, but I don't how much torque...
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    Problems with calclulating power

    Hej Guys, I have seen on wikipedia, that power = Force x velocity, and this is fine but when they explain the same for circular moving force then they use power = Force (x arm) x Angular velocity (rads/sec). This cannot be, the velocity actually cannot be represented by only angular velocity...