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    Klein's Paradox

    I am interested in learning more about Klein's paradox. My QM book said you need QFT to treat it properly. I did a quick internet search but found no expository materials. Even Wikipedia had no mention. This forum had very little of substance that I could find on the subject. Maybe someone can...
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    What is this ring called?

    This set of four matrices: 1 0 | 0 1 | -1 0 | 0 1 0 1 | 1 0 | 0 1 | -1 0 are closed under multiplication. What is it called? I know that it is not those silly quaternions
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    SL(2,C) etc

    When people discuss the Lorentz transformation, the start talking about "groups " of transformations SL(2,C), SO(1,3) etc. Looks impressive! Where can I learn this stuff too? I asked a similar question in the Linear Algebra section but it gets less traffic
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    Boundary Conditions for Fermi Gas

    Hi I am new to solid state. I just read about fermi gas in a cube. For some reason the author used periodic boundary conditions? Why didn't they choose finite well potential where the height of the well is related to the work function?
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    Undergrad Lab Experiment

    Hi Y'all, I would like to demonstrate electron tunneling in my Modern Physics lab class. Does anyone know of how to set such an experiment up? We have a lot of equipment and $$$ available, so that's not a problem. I don't want to ask the prof beforehand because he's kinda dumb.
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    Need mental picture

    Hello Gals, I know what a scalar is. I know what a vector is. I know what a linear transformation is. But what in the name of sweet aunt petunia is a rank 3 tensor? Love, Plx Mny
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    Learning about spintronics

    I am interested in learning about spintronics. Anybody around who is familiar this field?
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    Top ten physics journals

    Gentlemen and Lady, Assuming that Physical Review is the #1 journal to get published in, what would the top 10 be? Love, Plxmny
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    Appropriate Forum?

    Gentlemen, What is the appropriate forum for the following question: "Assuming that Physical Review is the #1 journal to get published in, what would the top 10 be? Love, Plxmny"
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    Imaginary Action

    Friends, I am reading that the standard way to discuss tunneling is via imaginary action. The reference cited is J.S. Langer, Ann. Phys. 1967. (1) What is the full name of Ann. Phys. so I can look up this paper? (2) What textbook can I acquire to learn this technique?
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    Question for the experts`

    Hi Guys, I use this forum when I want to speak directly to the experts and not mess with the rabble. What is the best graduate level solid state book?
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    Tunneling electrons through a magnetic dielectric

    Hello, I am trying to learn something about how experimental physics is done. I am very new at it and am looking for experienced guidance. A friend of mine (zapperz) suggested that a good way to measure the effect of a magnetic field on electrons in the tunneling state is to have the...
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    Measuring effects of magnetic field on electrons in a tunneling state

    I am interested in measuring the effects of a magnetic field on an electron in a tunneling state. I know very little about solid state and I have very little experimental experience. In order to learn what is required to perform such an experiment, I thought I would pose my question here...
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    Question about electron tunneling

    Hello, I know that electrons will be deflected if they move in a magnetic field. I was wondering if tunneling electrons would be deflected in the opposite direction? plxmny