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    Hey, where did Venturerites evolution thread go?

    I thought it was cool
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    Definition of Plant Death?

    What definition is used to determine the moment of death for a plant as an organism?
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    Effective Mass in Metals

    Does anyone have a link or reference to a table on the effective mass of electrons in the common metals? thanks
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    Geodesic Curvature (Curvature of a curve)

    Can anyone point me to good reference that fully develops the geometry of geodesic curvature? Most of the ones I have manage to derive it, then show it's the normal to the curve, then never mention it again. I want to know how it relates to the metric, first second or third. Thanks.
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    2nd Funadamental Form?

    Can anyone provide an intuitive explanation for what the 2nd fundamental form is (maybe in 3-space geometry)? How does it relate to the 1st fundamental form?? Perhaps surprisingly I've read over (& understood fairly well) an advanced explanation, but it doesn't provide the kind of intuitive...
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    G-factors for e,n & P?

    g-factors for e,n & P?? Can anyone provide the latest g-factors for e, n & p? I could also use some explanation as to how they are applied and derived. I've already downloaded the appropriate files from the particle data site, and it does provide the most recent values for the moment data, but...
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    Experimental Determination of Fundamental EM Constants

    Can anyone provide a good reference (preferably on-line), or a decent description, of how the fundamental constants of electromagnetism are experimentally determined? I'm talking about constants like the permitivity and permeability of free space. I'm also curious how the unit of charge...
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    Terrestial Acoustic Spectra

    I'm looking for data on "acoustic noise" produced regularly by the earth, nothing man-made. In particular I'm looking for noise sources outside of the normal range of human hearing (20Hz-20kHz). Of course there are numerous terrestial noise sources, such as earthquake tremors, but those aren't...