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    How the energy generated by nuclear fussion is extracted?

    Well, that's what happens when people (me) ramble about things they don't know. Good to learn some things...and at least only half of what I say is "meaningless" or "misleading." I'll take the hint (or rather large indication, case), and I do appreciate the corrections. It's always good to...
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    BSME to MSNE

    I guess I don't really know what sort of answer you want. You will still have the freedom to do whatever, but sure you will be pushed to areas more applicable to thermal hydraulics. What do you mean "what type" of work in each area?
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    How the energy generated by nuclear fussion is extracted?

    My point was that neither solar or fusion work on the scale necessary. Fusion, correctly, doesn't work at all, though it is a materials/technology issue holding it back. Solar is taxing both in terms of finances and resources. Additionally, the technology issue holding solar back is storage...
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    How the energy generated by nuclear fussion is extracted?

    SABR uses a tokamak, but those "viability" timelines are likely for a sustained fusion reaction in a tokamak...I would guess. The technology is already there for SABR. ICF? A year or two away? Where? I don't know too much about ICF, my plasma prof (Stacey) pretty much shuns it and teaches...
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    BSME to MSNE

    Haha. If you want to do lasers, a Ph.D. in physics would likely be best...not really a nuclear engineering thing.
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    How the energy generated by nuclear fussion is extracted?

    Everyone is so skeptical of fusion...just because it doesn't work now doesn't mean it won't...we just have to find the right materials. Solar doesn't work on a commercial scale either but everyone loves that...pfff. The best fusion tech is the SABR...using an unsustainable fusion source to get...
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    BSME to MSNE

    Hello Stang, I don't think having an ME degree will limit you field of study significantly, though you might find (as I think I have) that the best degrees for nuclear grad seem to be physics and/or math, this is especially true for plasma physics and computational radiation transport. I...
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    Reactor's geometry

    The buckling should change at least a little since you can accept greater leakage for criticality. The shape would still be a cosine, just one with greater curvature, right? Or perhaps it would be more like a hump...not cosine.
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    Reactor's geometry

    That's quite likely.
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    Nuclear Engineering graduate school advice?

    I definitely agree with Astronuc that writing off a program without a reactor is a bad idea. I can only give advice from two programs personally, though I recently went through the grad app process and know a bit about some other programs. I recently graduated from GT with a BS. Decided...
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    Building a Betavoltaic battery

    Haha. Assuming minerva is right...that's awesome.
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    Reactor's geometry

    Kind of what I was thinking. I think the point source only comes into play in solving the condition considering a uniformly distribution source (from the 235) and the point source at the center.
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    Reactor's geometry

    I was indicating that my solution doesn't involve the given I'm not sure how correct it would be. I'm pretty sure my previous solution is correct. That's how it's usually done in practice problems like that. I guess you could solve a 1-D diffusion equation to get a flux profile...
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    Reactor's geometry

    Classic problem. You just need to set the material buckling to the geometrical buckling for an homogeneous reactor. I would assume it's all 235. By setting these equal, just solve for the length of the cube's side...then you can get volume and mass. Though this doesn't handle the point source.
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    What exactly is an adjoint flux?

    I've been reading a bit about hybrid methods, and I keep coming across adjoint fluxes. What exactly is an adjoint flux? And how does it factor in to calculations? Thanks, Uranium
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    Core Design Codes

    I have a few questions regarding codes typically used in core design: 1) Which codes need to be coupled with a TH module and which do not? From what I have gathered, steady state codes can be coupled with a code like RELAP to model transients. 2) Are independent codes that are coupled to...
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    Neutron flux in finite medium. have an extra L in your solution...
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    Minimum Volume of a Hom., Bare Cylindrical Reactor

    There is not a constraint on the geometry. The volume is supposed to be a function of material buckling. One doesn't know anything about k-eff or k-inf, but I am thinking we might know the relationship between Bz and Br. I'm just trying to figure out if my assumption that Vmin occurs when...
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    Minimum Volume of a Hom., Bare Cylindrical Reactor

    Just trying to do a problem to find the minimum volume for a homogeneous, bare cylindrical reactor, and my main question is if the radial and axial bucklings are equal to one another at min. V or if there is some other condition that would be helpful. Thanks.
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    Photon Tracking Code

    Hello all, I'm working on coding a program that tracks photons based on Compton Scattering. However, I'm having an issue on how to deal with photons with multiple scatters. So, phi (polar) and theta (azimuthal) range from 0-pi/2 and 0-2pi, respectively, based on a random number generator...
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    Torn In All Directions Any Advice?

    Hey, So for weeks now, I've been trying to put together a career plan of sorts, and I'm just seeing a lot of options without a clearly best choice. Maybe someone wiser than I can help me out. I'm a rising senior in nuclear (and radiological) engineering, but I don't know whether I should...
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    Health Physics Programs and Career

    Hey, I currently a rising senior in nuclear engineering at Georgia Tech, but I've recently been thinking about going more into a career in health physics. What are some good programs in health physics? Would grad school in nuclear be a better option than getting an HP degree? Any thoughts...
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    Testing GRE Physics Prep for non-physicist

    Hello again, I'm planning on apply to a few medical physics programs in the fall, most of which do not require the physics GRE subject test. However, one does, and I really want to apply there. My thoughts? It wouldn't hurt to learn some more physics. I am a nuclear engineering major, so...
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    Physics Medical Physics education length

    Roughly how long does it take to become a medical physicist? I'm currently a third-year nuclear engineering student looking at medical physics, and I'm realizing it's a much different setup than in engineering. Is a residency required? I mean a masters would take like 1.5-2 years, which is...