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    Infrared Emitter and Detector Question

    Hi nerdy geeky folks, I have two questions: 1. can a regular cadmium-sulfide detect infrared in a complete absence of light (but a beam of infrared)? if not, what can be used to detect infrared (for a beam break sensor)? 2. I just want to make sure that I am building the circuit right...
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    Break Beam Sensor

    Basically I am going to install infrared emitter and receiver pairs across an aquarium so that everytime fish moves, the beam breaks and is recorded. The problem is that I have never made this before and I need some major help. I am going to need at least 5 sensors. The question is: do I...
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    Break Beam Sensor

    Optics and bio research hi yall! im doing a neuroscience research on the circadian behavior of different species of fishes, and i need a device to measure activity levels of fish under different light conditions. one of the mostly used method is to have a light source (IR or something else)...