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    Differences nerve cells

    Yesterday, i had a 20 minute test on basic nerve cells I could only wruite the main differnce bw nerve cells and other cells in animals is their appearance. One has membrane, round rubgy-shaep while the other has a star-shape. So are there any other differnces i should have mentioned in that...
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    Breathe in breathe out

    When we do somethin heavy, and repeatedly, we usually breathe in and out a lot, do you know biologically why ? thanks you a lot
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    Quantum computing

    What is a quatum computer in short ? what does it look like ? Can it be as fast as a present super computer ? Another, beside crypto, what can quantum algorithms do ? Can they do something good like genetic algorithms ? :redface:
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    What species on earth doesn't have self-organizations

    may I ask what species on earth doesn't have self-organizations ? Second, what does self-organization contribute to the evolution of life on earth ? Thank you
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    Chroloplast and mitochondrial

    I have a homework assignment to tell the differences between the two's genetic codes and their coding schemes also, but truthfully I am now really sick, so tired that I can't think up anything, I am really afraid that I can't pdf and hand in my report on time, would you please shed a light on...
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    Cultures .:Click Here: <Cultures

    Cultures >>>.:Click Here:.. Would you please tell me where do cutures come from ? Does culture origin have anything relating to genetics ? Thank you
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    Spam my thread with Gene explanations Please

    Tell me please what is/are the difference/s between "genetic codes", "DNA", and "genes" ? :confused: Thank you