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    Hydroelectric power power plant

    I would have to agree with the previous post. The higher the water is dropped from, then the more time the water will have to be affected by gravitational acceleration. Due to this principle, the water will be faster as it strikes the turbine if dropped from a greater height. That is why we see...
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    Powering a Tesla Coil with a 12 volt battery--help--

    Then that must be what the driver circuits are that I have seen are the more in depth Tesla coils. These circuits would include a 555 timer which is the switching that zoki may be referring to. And also would explain why most people were using these ignition coils with AC current instead of DC...
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    Powering a Tesla Coil with a 12 volt battery--help--

    I believe the breaker is only acting as a switch. I did not have a switch when performing my testing.
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    Powering a Tesla Coil with a 12 volt battery--help--

    This was another image that I was working off of...
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    Powering a Tesla Coil with a 12 volt battery--help--

    So I have been wanting to build a Tesla Coil for a while now, and I did not want to make a large one, just enough for a 4 or 5 inch spark. That being said I began searching the internet for designs when I stumbled upon the 12 volt battery variation. The idea is that the 12v battery would drive...
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    Potassium Carbonate + Water Reaction

    Latley, I have been trying to conduct an experiment dealing with Potassium Carbonate and water. But first I need to get everything down on paper. So, what is the reaction between water that is 145 degrees and 30 grams of Potassium Carbonate? Would it help if I put the PC in the water and then...
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    Is this a shockwave?

    According to a direct definition: Yes it does seem that there is a shockwave visible from the right cannon blast. But it does interest me that you have labeled it as a concussion wave. Heres the definintion: Hope This Helps, Kalrag
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    Question about the release of electrons

    Thanks for the information so far. What is the energy required to release electrons from nitrogen?
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    Question about the release of electrons

    Latley, I have been doing some internet surfing on the release of electrons from their obit of an atom. I just have a few questions. What is it called when electrons are released from their orbit? How much energy does it take? What are the diffrent ways electrons can be released?
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    Electromagnets Repelling Metal

    Now say I did change the word magnet to "wire" or "conductor". Could you explain how that would work?
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    Electromagnets Repelling Metal

    I have a small physics book that states that if you run electricity throught a magnet it will repel metal. I just want to know if this is true.
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    Does a photon carry a magnetic field?

    If that statement is true than how is a magnetic field made up of photons? (Im still learning as an begginer)
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    Does a photon carry a magnetic field?

    So in any way can photons create a magnetic field?
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    Does a photon carry a magnetic field?

    Started doing some research into photons latley. I was wondering if photons actually carried a magnetic field.
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    Inhaling Hydrogen+Oxygen

    Just a quick question; if someone was to inhale two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen, say from a Hydrogen Fuel Cell where it splits water, would it be safe or would it cause health problems if you inhaled it for a period of time?
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    How to build a hydrogen cell with nafion

    I dont know about creating a hydrogen feul cell with nafion, but I did create a Hydrogen Fuel cell using platinum coated nickel wire and it was very successful. Here is a site that might help:
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    How is Antimatter created?

    Latley I have been researching antimatter. I know how it is created in the CERN particle accelerators. What I want to know is how antimatter can be created more efficiently and effectivley.
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    What is the breaking point of quartz crystal

    So how many pounds does it take for quartz to break into several diffrent peices?
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    How to make a Piezoelectric Generator?

    Recently I have learned of the Piezoelectric effect. I have seen several videos where people have made small generators using this effect. Can anyone give me step-by-step inscutions o point me in the right direction?
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    How Do Clouds Form?

    I have been confused by a what seems to be a simple process. Can anyone post a step-by-step process of how clouds come to be?
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    Artificially Creating Clouds

    Lately I have been getting into meteorology and things alike. I have heard of people controlling the weather. So, what are some methods of creating clouds? List as many methods as you can.
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    Do you beleive numbers effect our personality?

    As a school project I would like to ask if you beleive in numerology (The study of numbers on human affairs). So all I need you to do is post and vote yes or no. And if you want too you can state your opinion.
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    Electrical Discharge Drive

    Lately I have had an idea for a propulsion system. It would use rapid high voltage electrical discharges to create thrust. Now if it was strong enough and made correctly could this be an efficient form of thrust? Would it work?
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    Changing the Surface of an object

    Ive been wondering about this for some time...can a regular surface(say a wall) be changed from its regular color to mirror? Is it possible?
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    Manipulating/Shaping Magnetic Fields

    I have had a question pop up latley. Can magnetic fields be somehow shaped or manipulated in anyway? Instead of just their regular form of an oval could you direct it to a diffrent shape? Just asking.
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    How Cold and Warm Fronts Work?

    On the Weather Channel you hear all about how a Cold Front is moving in and how there will be a lot of wind...etc. But does anyone know how the cold/wram fronts work? Where they originate? What causes them? Their effect?
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    Characteristics of the Mind

    Ive been wondering about diffrent things lately. Can anyone list some characteristics of the human mind? For example... Humor, Imagination, Romance, etc. things like that.
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    Turning mass to zero

    But do you have any theories how the sci-fi mass reductin might work?
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    Turning mass to zero

    Jared has the right idea. This thread was meant to find a way (not machine) to reduce mass to zero.
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    Turning mass to zero

    Now how and why does the mass go to zero on an event horizon?