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    C/++/# C++ Problem with accessing elements of a character

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with sampling data from a force/torque sensor. I'm using Serial Com to receive the readings from the sensor, which is stored in a character of with 45 individual elements. What I'm trying to do is to pick out pieces of these data and store them separately. I'm...
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    Problems for Robotics in Petroleum Engineering

    Hey guys, I'm looking to do a robotics/mechatronics project (topic still not decided), and I'd like to focus on a problem within petroleum engineering. However, I'm not too experienced within petroleum production (more of a robotics background), and I'm looking for areas where robotics are...
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    Need help finding plug/socket cable connectors

    Hi guys, I'm working on a project (a micromouse to be specific), and need an easy way to connect and disconnect some wires. The picture below shows some connectors I took from a computer fan, but I really need connectors with 4 pins instead of two. Can anyone help me with what these are...
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    Control System

    Hi everyone, I'm designing a light-weight hovercraft (2 light fans, 4x1.5 V batteries, 30x20cm in size). It needs to travel 6m straight ahead, then make a 90deg turn to the right and travel on for another 2m. The problem is that the craft must make this turn ON ITS OWN, meaning that there...
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    Fluid Statics Problem

    Ok, I've come across this problem in fluid statics, but seem to be getting the integration wrong: "A semicircular plane is submerged vertically in a homogeneous liquid with its diameter d at the free surface. At what depth s is the centre of pressure?" The answer should be s = (3*pi*d)...